Heart by Heart (2022)

Heart by Heart (2022)

Drama: Heart by Heart
Native Title: ให้หัวใจเป็นคนจํา
Also Known As: Heart by Heart the Series , Hai Hua Jai Bpen Kon Jam , Let The Heart Remember
Screenwriter: Kanokphan Ornrattanasakul
Director: Oil Savit Keawtavee
Genres: Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Channel 3

Main cast:

Mac Phasakorn Ratnaliam,Garfield Pantach Kankam,Noon Sutthipha Kongnawdee,Jay Jatuporn Dangurai,Tontae Tinnakorn Puwasakdiwong,Mark Naktakhe Khanatsanan


Nobi (Gafuse Phanthat) , a young man who received a heart transplant at the age of 13. When he was 18, he entered the university for a month at the Faculty of Communication Arts. Nobi meets a senior year 3, Dust (Max Passakorn) , a handsome boy who has no heart to love anyone because he often loses his loved ones on his 14th birthday. February time and again But there seems to be some kind of attraction. that made the two meet

On the first day they met A strange event occurred. The two of them met their eyes, causing Nobi to faint. Before the loss of consciousness, Nobi’s heart was beating fast. causing Nobi to enter the reverie Every time he lost consciousness, he met someone in his heart. which was a strange man as if he wanted to tell something but did not appear Nobi and dust have come closer together. because Phat, the older brother of the restaurant that Dust works with Let the dust come after Nobi causing a lot of fun The chaos of seniors and juniors and the news of Gossip turn both Nobi and Dust into unscheduled counterparts. These news made it so loud that it disparaged the reputation of Nobi’s family. Until Father Nobi learns that there are many gossips. Saw the clip, saw the youngest son saying he loved the senior man. Saw a clip of kissing on the lips with a man. All the news that happened was not a coincidence. It was the eldest son’s plan. Half-brother, Sun (Mark Kanasan) 3rd year senior who has the same father as Nobi. Sun was the concubine he thought his father hadn’t always loved. Nobi is the son of a large mother whose father must take care of like an egg in a stone. which Nobi didn’t know that he had a half-brother

until causing a love story that is intertwined with many sorrows Senior dust who has never opened his heart to anyone and is worried about Nobi. And wondering what happened to the eye contact, Patt (Boom Rawiwit), the warm-hearted man who met Nobi for the first time, liked it. And wanting to flirt but don’t dare , Hon (Scott Setthapong) The driver who is loyal to Mr. Nobi but unable to follow his own heart And there is also a half-brother Sun. who tried to destroy his brother’s reputation to take revenge on the father who left himself and mother was alone until she had to suffer death Sun’s insidiousness only demands his father’s love. causing Sun to choose to plan everything Do whatever it takes to destroy Nobi. Whether it’s creating news that Nobi is heterosexual in love with men. with dust as a tool to discredit To the point of poisoning sex to cause a lot of things by using the people around him as a tool In the end, the evil escalates to the size of Nobi’s capture for ransom. because he thinks that if Nobi’s reputation is disgraceful will erase the resentment that is in your heart Because the person who will regret the most is the father who doesn’t love his children equally.

But the story wasn’t all that easy. Because there are people who love and take good care of Nobi around him. Besides Phon Phat Hon, there is also a close friend who loves Nobi, Tap (Golf Phasatorn) , a young man who will come to make everyone smile. and Euro (Ying Anada), a young woman who protects and advises And still looking to find out what happened to Nobi, what is it really for? Everyone around Nobi protects and cares. They consulted each other. until the love of each couple causing the moment of alternating passion to occur Phat and Tap consult each other until they accidentally lose each other. Brother Hon protects every second. But he missed until Mr. ordered to suspend work. No need to take care of Mr. Rat. Euro investigates the story of Nobi and Sun. until accidentally secretly in love with Chai Sun, an evil man who only stares to hurt a close friend and also has a college star like Copy (Nun Suthipha) that is ready to hit Nobi without stopping because Phi Pon must be hers only.


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