Hanawa Sensei wa Hanninmae!? (2021)

Hanawa Sensei wa Hanninmae!? (2021)

Drama: Hanawa Sensei wa Hanninmae!?
Native Title: 花輪せんせいは半人前!?
Also Known As: Hanawa-sensei is Half a Serving!?
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 5
Aired: May 22, 2021 – Jun 19, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Duration: 12 min.


Nishihata Daigo,Kawahara Eito,Minemura Rie,Deguchi Natsuki,Namase Katsuhisa,Momota Kanako


The TV Asahi drama “Kotaro Lives Alone” (every Saturday at 11:30) starring Kanjani Eight ‘s You Yokoyama will reach its final episode on the 26th. It has been decided that the special edition of “Kotaro Lives Alone” spin-off drama Hanawa Sensei is half a serving !? “, which is being exclusively distributed on the video distribution platform” TELASA “, will be broadcast for the first time on the ground after the final broadcast. ..

 Two people, a cartoonist Susumu Kano (Yokoyama Yu) who cannot sell due to the visualization of Mami Tsumura’s popular manga, which has exceeded the cumulative total of 1.2 million copies, and Kotaro Sato (Eito Kawahara), a 5-year-old child who lives alone. A heart-full comedy that depicts the gentle interaction of the people watching over. Kano’s ex-girlfriend, Akane Nitta (Rin Takanashi), Kotaro’s ex-facility companion, Yu Iwanaga (Satoshi Matsushima), and others appeared, and while the waves breeze in peaceful everyday life, Kotaro’s biggest challenge came … It will be times.

 ”Hanawa Sensei is half a serving !?” is a spin-off drama full of episodes that are not depicted in the main story of Keisuke Hanawa, a new kindergarten teacher played by Daigo Nishihata ( Naniwa Danshi / Kansai Johnny’s Jr. ). A total of 5 episodes of the original work that depicts all of the wreaths that Kotaro attends, such as the past of the wreath of “Kindergarten Shimizu” and the worries that no one can tell. This time, the special episode that will be broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting will be the fifth episode that started distribution last week.

 Up until now, Hanawa Sensei has learned a lot from senior teachers, Kotaro and other kindergarten children and has grown little by little, but can he really become a full-fledged person?


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