Hakozume: Itaru tatakau! Machiyama Taku no kurenai (2021)

Hakozume: Itaru tatakau! Machiyama Taku no kurenai (2021)

This work is a police box entertainment that depicts the daily life of a real police box with laughter and tears by the strongest pair of former ace detective Seiko Fuji (Erika Toda) and Hiyokko police officer Mai Kawai (Mei Nagano) .

Mr. Toda, Mr. Nagano and others are talking about comical acting and heartwarming stories.

In the final episode, episode 9, thanks to Kawai’s caricature, the investigation of the “guardian angel,” who is a leading suspect in the Fuji’s synchronization and the hit-and-run case of cherry blossoms, has progressed.

Fuji and Kawai, who are approaching the core, are waiting for unexpected developments, and I am just wondering what the end of the story will be.

Special: Hakozume: Itaru tatakau! Machiyama Taku no kurenai
Native Title: ハコヅメ~もっと戦う!町山署の人々~
Also Known As: Hakozume: Fight More! People at Machiyama Station , Hakozume SP , Hakozume Special Episode
Genres: Comedy
Country: Japan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Sep 15, 2021
Original Network: Hulu
Duration: 16 min.


Nishino Nanase,Hirayama Yusuke,Fuchino Yuto,Yamada Yuki,Miura Shohei,Chihara Seiji


In Hulu, along with the overlooked distribution of the entire main story of the drama, Hulu’s original story that depicts unknown secret episodes of popular characters is exclusively distributed. Former ace detective Fuji and Hiyokko police officer Kawai who work at the Machiyama police box are surrounded by Gen (Shohei Miura), Yamada (Yuki Yamada), Makitaka (Nanase Nishino) and other members of the Criminal Division of the Machiyama Station. The Hulu original story depicts the daily lives of detectives who are busy with hard work in the Criminal Division.

The criminal section of the Machiyama station, which has been working hard due to the continuation of the incident, has reached the peak of fatigue and the real intention has leaked. Beside Makitaka, who wrestles with a pile of documents, there are also detectives such as Yamada, who is also a source of fatigue, and they should behave suspiciously with one person and one person. Eventually, the crisis of the collapse of the Criminal Division will come !? The eccentricity of the source & Yamada pair who fell into terminal illness at the end of sleep deprivation, the fading consciousness of Mr. Hojo (Yusuke Hirayama), the relentless Deputy Director Yoshino (Seiji Chihara) )’S curse, Suzuki (Yuto Fuchino)’s misrepresentation … Makitaka, whose “work motivation meter” plummeted, tries to escape from reality by thinking about a certain person. That is “Ryotaro Shiba-sensei” mentioned in the main story !? Can the detectives who are in a state of limit due to hard work continue to survive the day safely?

In addition, Hulu is exclusively distributing the Hulu special content “” Hakozume “luxury cast special round-table talk & secret making video!” Where the cast talks about the famous scene and the story behind the shooting. In addition to the [Special Interview] by Mr. Toda and Mr. Nagano, who will star in W, we will deliver the state of the [Muro Tsuyoshi x Shohei Miura x Yuki Yamada] roundtable discussion and the [Nanase Nishino x Yusuke Hirayama x Seiji Chihara x Yuto Fuchino] roundtable discussion. do.

“Police in a Pod-Fighting More! People at Machiyama Station-” will be exclusively distributed on Hulu immediately after the 9th episode of terrestrial broadcasting on September 15th (Wednesday).

The 9th episode (final episode) of “Police in a Pod-Tatakau! Alternate Girls-” will be broadcast on September 15th (Wednesday) from 22:00 on NTV.


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