Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de (2021)

Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de (2021)

August is at the batting center at night. (At the Batting Center of Hachigatsu Hayoru) , from July 8th to September 9th , 2021, every Thursday from 1:10 to 1:40 on the TV Tokyo-based late- night drama frame ” Mizudora 25 “. A TV drama broadcast on Wednesday midnight) . Starring Nagisa Sekimizu and Toru Nakamura , who will star in the drama for the first time .

Former professional baseball player Tomohiro Ito visits the batting cage every time, with the slogan “Life is Baseball”, set in a batting cage in Tokyo where high school girl Mai Natsuba works part-time during the summer vacation. , A baseball human drama that leads to a solution with a unique life theory likened to baseball theory .

In each story, former professional baseball players called “baseball legends” appear [1] , and at the end of the ending roll, “This drama is fiction, but legend players do exist.”

Drama: Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Batting Center de
Native Title: 八月は夜のバッティングセンターで。
Also Known As: August is at the Batting Cage at Night , Hachigatsu wa Yoru no Battingusenta de
Screenwriter: Yamada Yoshitatsu, Yajima Koichi
Genres: Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 9
Aired: Jul 8, 2021 – Sep 9, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: TV Tokyo
Duration: 30 min.


Sekimizu Nagisa,Nakamura Toru,Itaya Yuka,Kinami Haruka,Sato Hitomi,Takeda Rena


Mai Natsuha , a second-year high school student, decided to work part-time at the ” Natsuba Batting Cage ” run by her uncle for some reason only during the summer vacation . [4] Every night, Tomohiro Ito , a mysterious man who boasted that “just looking at batting, you can understand people’s worries” appears.

When Ito utters the word “life is baseball ” and throws the ball into the air, he teleports to the baseball field with Mai and his friends, and a baseball legend appears , which is a unique life theory that Ito compared to baseball. Then, the problems of the women who come to the batting center will be solved one after another.

Natsuha was also a worried baseball girl who got away from baseball because she broke her teammate’s right hand with a dead ball during a practice game during the summer vacation of the first grade. Based on the theory of life through life, he reconsidered that he could not abandon baseball, took the courage to meet Miki again, and decided to return to the baseball club.

After seeing Mai return to the baseball club, Ito leaves a hard ball with the words ” Life is Baseball forward ” in Mai and walks to another batting cage. And again, the troubled woman who came was led to a solution by the life theory likened to baseball.


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