Gunjo Ryoiki (2021)

Gunjo Ryoiki (2021)

Drama: Gunjo Ryoiki
Native Title: 群青領域
Also Known As: Ultramarine Area
Director: Tsukamoto Renpei, Ueda Hisashi
Genres: Music, Life, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Oct 15, 2021 – Dec 17, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: NHK
Duration: 60 min.


Shim Eun Kyung,Wakaba Ryuya,Kakizawa Hayato,Hosoda Yoshihiko,Ochiai Motoki,Tanaka Shunsuke


The protagonist of the work is Kim Jun-hee, a member of the pop group “Indigo AREA”. She came to Japan after a setback in her native South Korea, but she was devastated by the sudden announcement of her lead singer boyfriend’s withdrawal from the band. Desperate, she began to dread social media and music, leaving everything behind to go to a seaside town. There, she broke free from her original narrow values, gained the human connection that is indispensable to living in the world, and resumed making music, struggling to fly again as “one person”.


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