Guan Yin in My Dream (2021)

Guan Yin in My Dream (2021)

Drama: Guan Yin in My Dream
Native Title: 觀音對我笑
Also Known As: Guan Yin Dui Wo Xiao , 观音对我笑
Genres: Drama
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 25
Aired: May 31, 2021 – Jul 2, 2021
Duration: 48 min.


Tsai Chen Nan,Ming Ming Su,Bryant Lee,Johnny Yang,Sophia Fang,Kuo Tzu Chien


Xie Laiwen, when he was young, was introduced by his brother to become a temporary worker in Taiwan Cement. He was down-to-earth and responsible, and was promoted to clerical administration.

He also passed the electrician examination and became a regular employee of the Electricity Division, engaged in electrician maintenance.

He attended a lecture on happy life and expressed his admiration and convincing to the Venerable Master. He was invited by Sister


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