Goosebumps (2022)

Goosebumps (2022)

Drama: Goosebumps
Native Title: 소름
Also Known As: Creeps , Soleum , Soreum
Director: Jung Bum Shik
Genres: Thriller, Horror
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 8
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Daum Kakao TV

Main cast:

Choi Ji Woo,Choi Min Ho,Hwang Seung Eon,P.O


A 2001 film with a running time of 112 minutes , directed by Yoon Jong-chan and starring Kim Myung -min and Jang Jin -young. The genre is Horror Mystery. At the 22nd Fantasporto Film Festival held in

Portugal , she won the Jury’s Special Award, Best Director, and Best Actress in three categories. Somehow, Jang Jin-young’s bed scene drew attention. 2001 Blue Dragon Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

It is said that the personal history of director Yoon Jong-chan, who lost his wife in the collapse of Sampoong Department Store , had a great influence.
Another tragedy begins.

Room 504, the uninvited one is coming. Moving luggage arrives at an old apartment that will soon be demolished. Yong-hyeon (Kim Myung-min) is a young man who has just moved into Migeum Apartment Room 504. He is unaware of the terrible events that took place in Room 504 30 years ago. Few people now know the past of a man who had eye contact with the woman next door, who killed her wife and ran away leaving her newborn baby behind. Moreover, in Room 504, novelist Gwangtae died in a fire not long ago.

In this somewhat ominous place, Yong-hyeon gets to know Seon-yeong (Jang Jin-young), a woman who is beaten by her husband. Living in Room 510 and working part-time at her convenience store, she has a gut feeling that Yong-hyeon can help her. Then one day, at dawn, when Yong-hyeon returns from a taxi business, Seon-yeong shows her husband’s body, which has fallen blood on her head. Yong-hyeon helps Seon-yeong to bury her body, and the two grow closer.

However, the curse in Room 504 does not stop there. A novelist (played by Ki Joo- bong ) who lives in Room 505 tells Yong-hyeon. The body of a woman who died there 30 years ago has not yet been found… The characters are slowly engulfed in madness without even being aware of them.


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