Good and Evil (2021)

Good and Evil (2021)

Drama: Good and Evil

Country: China
Episodes: 32
Aired: Aug 22, 2021 – Sep 12, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 35 min.




 Originally the fairy who guarded the demons of Wangchuan, he was demoted by mistake and became the king of all demons in Bailingtan – Chun Yao ( played by Guo Junchen ) , and had to lead the unfortunate princess Han Sheng ( played by Kang Ning ) of the Northern Land Kingdom to open it. A mythological journey to find “Sushu” to escape the “Millennium Tribulation”. When Han Sheng entered Bailingtan, he unexpectedly found that he had a Sushu that only monsters had on his body, so he followed the Spring Demon to explore the mystery of Sushu. One, the arrogant and arrogant pool master…
The fledgling Taoist priest Bufan ( played by Ou Tianrui ) encounters a white fan ( played by He Meixuan ) who collects longevity for her husband Asu in exchange for seducing the life of a woman in the world. ..
Kong Qi ( played by Li Mingjun ) , who silently guards his beloved, and the princess of the Xiao family, the god of war, White Camel Hill ( played by Zong Yuanyuan ) , have experienced love calamities, and finally understand the original appearance of love.
The red feather fisherman Shen Ci ( played by Wu Mansi ) fell in love with Xie Changye ( played by Chen Zhengyang ) , the proton of the country of the Northland , and voluntarily endured the severe pain, took off the tail of the fish, and followed Xie Changye to become the dead man by his side. , rely on each other, but also consume each other’s enthusiasm in the unnecessary sacrifices again and again…
Avalokitesvara uses the water from the clean bottle, Wuyin ( played by Dong Chunhui ) , and is sent to raise Si Tong ( played by Zhao Ziqi ) , waiting for Si Tong to grow and grow and destroy it together with the magic of spooky yuan. However, in the process of raising Si Tong, the two developed a strong teacher-student relationship and father-son relationship. When Si Tong learned that the meaning of his life was to be destroyed, he finally became a demon…


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