Gold Leaf (2021)

Gold Leaf (2021)

Drama: Gold Leaf
Native Title: 茶金
Also Known As: Cha Jin
Director: Lin Chun Yang
Genres: Drama
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 12
Aired: Nov 13, 2021 – Dec 18, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: PTS
Duration: 60 min.


Cindy Lien,James Wen,Sophia Li,Simon Hsueh,Wilson Hsu,Jag Huang


” Gold Leaf ” (English: Gold Leaf ), a 2021 Taiwanese TV series, has a total of 12 episodes, and is the first Hakka-language drama in Taiwan.Taking the 1950s as the background, it tells the story of how the tea industry in Beipu , Hsinchu , faced the ups and downs of strong competition in the intriguing market, and relied on the tea industry to create economic miracles. starring Lian Yuhan , Wen Shenghao , Guo Ziqian , Xu Anzhi , Xue Shiling , Li Xing , Huang Jianwei . The shooting schedule took a total of 114 days, and the scenes spanned 16 counties and cities in Taiwan . “Tea Gold” formed a screenwriting team from the early stage of script development, including producer Xu Qingyun, producer Tang Shengrong, co-producer Luo Yizhuo, screenwriter Xu Yanping, co-writer Qiu Ping, and assistant Zhang Kering. The story involves economic and trade relations, foreign exchange and other financial majors At the same time, Huang Guohua, an author with a background in finance and economics who has published many financial novels, was invited to join the screenwriter team. After the 12-episode script was completed, “Tea Gold” was filmed in Dadaocheng on August 24, 2020. In October of the same year, Public Television authorized Huang Guohua to write a novel version. Huang Guohua returned to Tokyo with the script created by the screenwriter team.Written at home, in the same year, the drama was completed on December 15, 2020 in Yin Haiguang’s former residence, and the novel was published the following year, but for publicity, the TV novel “Tea Gold” came out firs


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