Go for Gold (2021)

Go for Gold (2021)

Drama: Go for Gold
Native Title: 夺金
Also Known As: Duo Jin
Genres: Sports
Country: China
Episodes: 38
Aired: Sep 25, 2021 – ?
Original Network: CCTV
Duration: 41 min.


Zhang Dou Dou
Bai En
Zheng Kai


In the early 1960s, Liu Zhengguang, a poor student, disregarded the opposition of his family and entered the city to play with his dream of table tennis. Ma Cuicui , the daughter of the commune secretary , also loves table tennis. She is infatuated with Liu Zhengguang, but Liu Zhengguang is unmoved.

In the provincial team, Liu Zhengguang met his lover Xu Qian and his lifelong rival and rival Sun Shaojie . In the high-pressure environment of the team’s fierce competition, financial difficulties, opposition from family members, friction between players, and budding romance have become many obstacles on his way to pursue his dream. With the encouragement of his teammates and the help of his coach, Liu Zhengguang finally overcame his negative emotions, strengthened his belief in winning glory for the country, and made his way into the national team through unremitting efforts. The current situation was turbulent, Liu Zhengguang was expelled from the team and married Ma Cuicui. He was confused and painful, but still insisted on training with his friend Du Jianhua .

A few years later, China returned to the world table tennis arena. Liu Zhengguang represented the country in Europe, endured the pain to win the gold medal, and retired since then. During the reform and opening up, many people went into the sea to make money. He still cared about winning gold, and he did not hesitate to set up a table tennis school with all his wealth, and cultivated a new generation of young athletes with the fighting spirit of winning gold


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