Gangster (2022)

Gangster (2022)

Drama: Gangster
Native Title: 갱스터
Also Known As: Gaengseuteo
Screenwriter & Director: Hong Won Chan
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Hong Won Chan


The English word means to be part of a gang (gang + ster). That is, criminals belonging to the organization. Criminals without affiliation are not included here. The scope and evaluation of a gangster may vary depending on the size, ideology, and location of the organization to which it belongs. Large criminal organizations such as the mafia and cartel are usually formed with their own grand purpose. However, the purpose disappears and it becomes an organization that pursues only money and power.

Since it originally meant “member of a gang”, regardless of the size of the organization, everyone was called a gangster. Because of these generic characteristics, criminal organizations that existed in pre-modern Europe are usually considered gangsters.

It is difficult to pinpoint the specific origin of gangsters as the etymology has a strong inclusive meaning, but as there are records of gangs such as mohocks active in London in the 17th and 18th centuries, ‘Western crime gangs’ It can be inferred that the history of the gang as ‘is quite old.

Commonly used words that have a similar meaning to gangster include mobster and Thug. A mobster is a member of a mob (-ster), and a tug is commonly used to mean an idiot or a thug. The mobster , which means a large criminal organization, is mainly used for the mafia , and the gangster is usually used for the gangster. In the American West , outlaws would band together to form gangs. A typical example is Wild Bunch . At the time of Prohibition

, when the word was first used , the only criminal organizations were the Mafia and the Irish Mob, and Bonnie and Clyde or John Dillinger .It was about the extent of a small gang gathering together and robbery. Therefore, mobster = mafia, and gangster was usually used to refer to a gang of gangsters in the alleys. It was after the 1950s that black people built large-scale ghettos in Harlem , New York, and the like . Armed with firearms leaked from the black market , their firepower has increased, and they are notorious for killing people without hesitation. In fact, there are no special names to distinguish them. All large criminal organizations are referred to as the mafia . When gangsters get bigger, they just call them mafia. Because gangsters also belong to the category of the mafia. Russian mafia Red Mafia , Serbian and Turkish Mafia, Chinese Mafia Triad , Japanese Mafia Yakuza , Dutch Mafia Fenose, etc. Cartels, commonly referred to as gangs, are classified as mafia, not gangs. It wasn’t like this from the beginning, and when we said the original mafia, it meant only Italy, the United States, and even Sicily. Even in Italy, the Neapolitan family is Camora and the Calabrian family is Ndrangeta .

It was divided in that way. Mafia became a common noun for a large criminal organization from a proper noun, when criminal organizations of other countries emerged, and Americans localized the terms of that country to their liking and called them Japnese Mafia , Chinese Mafia , Red Mafia , etc.

In the 1990s, gangsters were referred to as black criminal organizations, but in the 2000s, not only blacks but also Hispanic organizations are increasing. When you go to California or New York, the Hispanic gangs are scarier than the black gangs. Hispanic gangs also dominate the Bronx, New York’s off-the-beaten-track district.

That’s why we don’t refer to only black people as gangsters. Usually, there is a tendency to classify racially and drive certain races to be gangsters, but in reality, there are clearly white gangsters of bikers and neo-Nazis . In particular, gangsters are classified not by race, but by the size and nature of the organization. And members of the same race often come together, and although it is mainstream, it is not 100%. Even the Krips, a representative black gang, had white members and Hispanic members. In other words, it is safe to say that it is a group of interests united by loose solidarity.

In the United States, this distinction is further subdivided, and the term “street gangster” is used to distinguish it from concepts such as the mafia, the biker, the prison gang, and the biker gang .

If you know the number of gangsters, it is said that there are more than 1.4 million in 30,000 gangs in the United States alone.

Gangsters are mainly the poor or a group that is disrespected in the country. In fact, there is a large criminal organization “Yadi” in the UK made up of black immigrants from Jamaica.

In a sense derived from this, the form of establishing networks with specific personnel in the field of organization and establishing an organization is sometimes called a gangster. It has a strong negative connotation. Cartel and Mafia are similar in usage.

If you take one characteristic of these people, you can think of them as just a street mafia. In the past, major criminal organizations such as the Mafia committed crimes for the sake of profit, such as big money, bid manipulation, illegal rebates, and strike manipulation . is a daily routine, and children who want to become a little more earn money by smuggling arms and dealing with drugs.

The reason large-scale organizations such as the mafia commit crimes is because of great interests, and all organized crime is ultimately for interests. However, gangsters commit crimes for personal gain or for a little money . With the exception of some major gangsters such as Aryan Brothers, most of the crimes they risk their lives for are caused by tens to hundreds of dollars. Of course, that also means being poor. In addition , the number of cases of young people joining gangs and committing violent crimes and violence as subordinates of adult gangsters is increasing.

In modern times, it is these gangsters that large criminal organizations such as Italian La Cosa Nostra hire as subcontractors to divert the attention of investigative agencies. See Current American Mafia paragraph in Mafia/History article for details.

However, large-scale organizations, such as MS-13 , mainly of El Salvador descent , have spread beyond California and throughout the United States, and there are some black gangs that have a national scale by American standards. The Creeps and the Bloods are said to be synonymous with the black gang .go it. These two organizations stand in opposition both in reality and in the portrayal of the mass media. From the gang’s unique colors, blue (crips) and red ( blues) were all mentioned. However, most of them have not developed into a mafia with a clear organizational system, and they appear to remain as regional gangs that share only symbols and operate separately. They draw a lot of graffiti

on the streets because they value leaving the symbol or color of the organization on their streets . It’s rare to see a wealthy village where the neighborhood doesn’t allow for such a gang symbol, or a district with a lot of police and private security, but the slums change their murals every day. There are also unusual gang signs that are hand-wrapped in a bandana like a mask. You can’t say “All graffiti artists are gangsters”, but it’s true that gangsters advertise with graffiti. Pia is judged by this color or symbol, and if the symbol of another organization is painted over their symbol or the scene is discovered, the person who drew it that day will either die or be taken to the hospital. As the US judicial system maintains control over some areas, it is rare that ordinary people are harmed openly, but there are cases where citizens are misunderstood as members of a gang by decorating them with gangs. Drive-by shooting a car as it passes by


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