Fu Jia Yi Chan (2022)

Fu Jia Yi Chan (2022)

Drama: Fu Jia Yi Chan
Native Title: 附加遗产
Also Known As: Additional Inheritance , 附加遺產
Genres: Friendship, Comedy, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Mango TV

Main cast:

Shui Qian Cheng


Although this person had no blood relationship with him, after all, he had called his sister for more than ten years, and he just disappeared like this, and left him a huge inheritance and–a child.
He was only nineteen that year, and he was still a child, but somehow he had to take care of a fifteen-year-old boy. This child is not troublesome. There is no trace of manic depression and rebelliousness in adolescence. His IQ is extremely high, and he is stable and mature beyond his age. Whether it is life or study, he needs to worry about everything, but he can take care of the family. Gotta be organized.
It’s just that the more I get along, the more I find that this kid has so many hearts and minds that it’s a little scary.
He regretted it. Can he just want money and not people?
CP attribute: The evil and poisonous tongue girl is attacked by VS ruthless belly and black attack
Shou is a stylist, Gong is an all-around scholar
This article is the story of Adrian, the stylist in Sissy.


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