Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

Drama: Forecasting Love and Weather
Native Title: 기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편
Also Known As: Love Affair Cruelty , Office Romance Cruelty , Office Romance Atrocities , KMA People: Office Romance Cruelty , Meteorological Office People: In-House Love Cruelty , Cruel Story of Office Romance , Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty , Gisangch
Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung, Sun Young
Director: Cha Young Hoon
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Aired: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: jTBC, Netflix
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Main cast:

Park Min Young,Song Kang,Yoon Park,Yura,Kim Mi Kyung,Jung Woon Sun


Park Min -young as Ha-kyung Jin (female, 34 years old) – General Division 2, General forecaster.
It’s sharp in every way. Work is work, self-management is self-management. A chaotic woman who is certain about public affairs and has clear interpersonal relationships, and has passed the difficult level 5 civil service exam at once. However, unlike all these popular images, she is known as a voluntary assassin within the Korea Meteorological Administration due to her personality that draws a clean line from all human relationships to a cramped degree of principledism. She is rough and sensitive. She is the fiancee of the standard.

Song Kang : Lee Si-woo (male, 27 years old) role – General Division 2, Special Report.
Time hour time rain rain. Like rain that falls at the right time, it has a name to be welcome wherever you go. Perhaps because he was raised early by his grandfather, who had been farming all his life, he is simple and honest in expressing his emotions. It’s clear that I like it or dislike it, so I hate vague emotions like thumb. It seems like something is lacking somewhere, but IQ is a whopping 150!

There is nothing he can’t do if he is determined and rushes, but his only interest is the weather! only He usually looks sloppy and sloppy, but when it comes to weather-related matters, his eyes change and he shows amazing concentration. who was it If you love, you will know, if you know, you will see… The complicated diary and the fickle weather are just that for Siwoo. Eugene’s lover.

Yoon Park as Han Ki- jun (male, 34)
He is as logical and persuasive as he is with his straight appearance, especially when explaining his position! When he was a freshman, he was assigned to the general team of the Forecast Bureau and had a hard time, but was recognized for his fluency in expressing his own reasons for doing so, and was scouted at the spokesperson’s office. He is praised for his quick agility and excellent ability to respond to the press, but everyone who knows that there is Ha-kyung’s support behind him knows that. Ha-kyung’s lover.

Yura : Chae Yu-jin (female, 25 years old) – Meteorological reporter, Moonmin Ilbo
Likes and dislikes are clear and there is no middle ground. One day, he was overconfident, and after hearing a word he hated, he digs a tunnel 200 meters underground, an icon of anxiety. I came into the press while running around the scene where the scoop exploded, sitting on a cafe terrace, and imagining the wonderful appearance of sending an article on a laptop, but I was assigned to the ‘weather and life team’ because of the lack of depth.

Seniors don’t have as many scoops as the Korea Meteorological Administration, but the reality is that they are getting tired of having to sympathize with the news outlets for even a single line of weather-related articles. Siu’s lover.

Meteorological Agency people
Lee Seong- wook : Eom Dong-han (male, 43 years old) – General Division 2, Senior Forecaster.
He is an Iceman who freezes people because of his harsh impression, blunt tone, and even jokes that he sometimes makes when he is happy. Baengnyeongdo Observatory was the first place to be assigned to the Korea Meteorological Administration as a 9th grade job. After that, he visited meteorological stations and local government offices across the country to learn the topography and weather of Korea. Although he lacks social skills and is even less flexible, he was confident that he was the best among forecasters working in the field when it comes to weather forecasting.

Help, Superman!! Whenever and wherever he was needed, he ran to him… As a result, it has been 14 years since he was separated without taking care of his family. Now, he wants to return home and be with his family, but he regrets the years of living as a hero as he faces a daughter who has grown up and his wife, who is more awkward than anyone else.

Tae-Yoo Moon : As Shin Seok-Ho (male, early 40s) – General Division 2, in charge of neighborhood forecasting.
Dasik Park, Thoroughness, Anbunji. He knows a lot and is meticulous in everything he does, so he has a lot of information on his radar, but he doesn’t want to be bothered for nothing, so he often pretends not to hear even if he sees it or doesn’t hear it. As a strict individualist, he loves his own life and enjoys simple hobbies. One day, he falls in love with Tae-kyung, who is incomprehensible to his common sense.

Sa -bong Yoon : As Myeong-ju Oh (female, mid-40s) – General Division 2, in charge of notification and laser analysis.
Like the warmth of spring and autumn, an older sister who accepts everything. Contrary to his bubbly appearance, he was an ambitious person with a special affection for forecasting that once surpassed the position of the youngest manager of the forecasting agency. However, she got married, was pregnant with an unexpected child, and had to take maternity and parental leave repeatedly. If there is a wish for her now, she will be able to work safely until her children graduate from elementary school.

Just raising children in a 12-hour shift work is overworked, but a new turning point in her life comes when her husband, who was married for a love affair, suddenly takes a leave of absence.

Seo-eun Chae: As Kim Soo-jin (female, late 20s) – General Division 2, ultra-short-term forecast.
I did well in my studies, and I didn’t have any other organs other than that, so I became a civil servant. I don’t think I’ve ever made any decisions on my own since I turned 20. Both the university and the Korea Meteorological Administration came in line with the life plan set by my parents. Thanks to this, is this job right for me, even though it has been over two years since I joined the Korea Meteorological Administration? Conflict every day.

Kwon Hae -hyo as Ko Bong-chan (male, late 50s) – Director of the Forecast Bureau at the Seoul Main Office
After serving three years as a meteorological officer, he joined the Korea Meteorological Administration, and he is a forecaster who has devoted the rest of his life to forecasting, and is nearing retirement. I am so happy that I have only walked one path and now I can see the end. By the way, I was going to retire quietly, but as the general team was reorganized ahead of the disaster prevention period in the summer, I am not having a good day.

People outside the Korea Meteorological Administration
Kim Mi- kyung as Bae Yeo-sa (female, late 60s) – Tae-kyung and Ha-kyung’s mother
A strong personality, a bulldozer-like driving force, and a sharp tongue. The thing she once made up her mind about is an indomitable woman who goes through even two sides of the sky. ‘Mommy… can’t we do that?’ I want to be a jingle mom who proudly tells her daughter who is fed up with her, that my character has been this long, so I didn’t make you orphans and raised me this much.

Jung Woon-sun as Jin Tae-kyung (female, early 40s) – Ha-kyung ‘s older sister, a fairy tale writer.
If Ha-kyung has a high IQ, Tae-kyung is the type with a high EQ. Although he is weak in count, his sensitivity is abundant and his affinity is excellent. He majored in philosophy, but later discovered his talent and became a fairy tale writer. Unlike Ha-kyung, who predicts the weather by looking at data, yesterday the weather was sunny… The weather is bad today, so an artist who lives and dies in a bad mood to work.

Jang So- yeon : Lee Hyang-rae (female, early 50s) – Dong-han ‘s wife and Bomi’s mother.
My husband and I got married after three months of seeing each other. People who don’t know think that her husband, Dong-Han, was the one who pushed her to marry her because she fell in love with her at first sight, but in fact, she was stronger than her. A husband who had a unique sense of duty as a forecaster. When she was young, he admired his appearance and was willing to support her for the rest of her life, but she was also exhausted, but because of her husband’s honest personality, who once looked like her, a thousand dollars rises in her.

Lee Seung -joo as Eom Bomi (female, mid-teens) – Dong- han and Hyang-rae’s only daughter
I usually smile brightly, but when I see my dad, I get fat. It’s not because I hate my dad, who I’ve been living with for the first time in 14 years, but because it’s uncomfortable and awkward.


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