Folklore 2: The Rope (2021)

Folklore 2: The Rope (2021)

Special: Folklore 2: The Rope
Native Title: 亞洲怪談2 : 送煞
Also Known As: Ya Zhou Guai Tan 2: Song Sha , Ya Chou Kuai Tan 2: Sung Sha , 亚洲怪谈 第二季 , 亚洲怪谈2:送煞 , 亞洲怪談 第二季
Genres: Horror, Supernatural
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 1
Aired: Nov 14, 2021
Duration: 50 min.


Vivian Sung
Chris Wu
Esther Huang
Akio Chen


The second season of HBO’s Asian original horror series “FOLKLORE” (FOLKLORE) has been called out for a long time. This time there is news that makes Taiwanese fans happy, that is, Taiwan’s “Folklore 2: Sending Sha” is the first in the second season. , the continuation is Japan, Thailand, the Philippines… As the focus of the lead, it is naturally the focus of the outside world, let us hurry up and learn about this chilling horror chapter!


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