Folklore 2: 7 Days of Hell (2021)

Folklore 2: 7 Days of Hell (2021)

Special: Folklore 2: 7 Days of Hell
Native Title: Folklore 2: 7 Days of Hell
Also Known As: Folklore S2: 7 Days of Hell
Director: Erik Matti
Genres: Horror
Country: Philippines
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 5, 2021
Duration: 57 min.

Main cast:

Rosh Barman


The hour-long episode aims to give an understanding of the practice through the points of view of Lourdes and Eugene, who will be played by Dolly de Leon and Roshson Barman, respectively.

In a virtual interview with the press, Erik said he and his wife, writer Michiko Yamamoto, thought of the concept after noticing that it hadn’t been tackled much in media.

“We haven’t seen a story told on film that explores how a mangkukulam looked at things more than just horror,” he said.

“Lumayo na kami sa aswang at multo,” he added
“We thought of something that is truly Filipino pero hindi pa natin na-eexplore masyado and the barang, the good and the bad mangkukulam, are mostly not understood sa atin.”

Apart from research, the director said he also based the character of Mang Celso (Dido dela Paz) on his vague but slightly vivid experience when he was 11 years old.

“My sister was always suffering from stomachaches and the doctor couldn’t tell what it is so my mother eventually called a ‘sorhano.’ ’Yan yung tawag sa amin sa Bacolod,” he said.

“The sorhano went to our house, started touching her tummy and said there’s something wrong with the mango tree behind your house. Right before my eyes, I saw cockroaches coming out of the tummy.”

Despite Mang Celso’s actions causing commotion and pain to Lourdes’ family, the actors believed that he wasn’t the villain in the story. Dolly said his decisions were just part of being human.

“I would say that Mang Celso, just like any other character in the episode, is a flawed human being who makes choices whether they be good or bad for the betterment of mankind or himself,” she said.

“His choice impacts everyone in the story. I don’t think that makes him a villain.”


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