Focus To You 2 (2021)

Focus To You 2 (2021)

Drama: Focus To You 2
Native Title: 너에게로 줌 시즌2
Also Known As: 너에게로 줌2 , Give To You 2 , Zoom To You 2
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 6
Aired: Jul 22, 2021 – Aug 26, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Duration: 7 min.




producer Andrew Kreisberg once mentioned the conversation between the two in the media.

Caitlyn’s background story and Caitlyn’s potential will unfold in Season 3.

As for Caitlyn’s potential, I’ve been fishing since season 1 and I’ve been concerned for a long time -_-;

Since there are so many characters, I think Caitlyn hasn’t been numbered yet.

Killer Frost married Ronnie of Earth 2 and played a villain together.

Caitlyn has also lost her lover, Ronnie, and Jay Garrick.

What’s more, he who was thought to be dead turned out to be a serial killer, Hunter Jolomon.

Hunter Jolomon says that he will take him to Earth 1 after conquering all of the Multiverse’s Earths.

Caitlyn, please, I hope you are mentally alive until season 3~


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