Fly, Again (2021)

Fly, Again (2021)

Drama: Fly, Again
Native Title: 다시, 플라이
Also Known As: Fly Back , Fly Again , Dasi Peullai , 다시 플라이 , Play, Once Again , Again, Fly
Director: Oh Chung Pung
Genres: Music, School, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Aired: Nov 13, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Saturday
Original Network: Daum Kakao TV, Viki
Duration: 30 min.


Hyung Won,Kim Myung Ji,Park Eun Hye,Tony Ahn,Kim Ha Jun,Moon Jung Gi


Han Yo-han ( Hyung -won) , who has been steadily moving forward to gain fame, is now determined to change the future from a genius dancer to an all-around idol. And to get closer to this dream more quickly, he transfers to Hanbit Arts High School. But things didn’t go well at the new school, especially after an unfortunate accident that lost his lifelong dream.

Despite the accident, John does his best, looking for other ways to achieve his dream. Then, he happens to run into members of the dance club “Villains” frequently. Johann realizes that the more time he spends with the dance club, the more he opens up a new world to him. And as he begins to explore this new and exciting world, he meets an honor student named On Jimin ( Kim Myung- ji ), who seems to have been born to become an idol. Under constant pressure from his family to do better and become the best, Jimin can’t do anything other than always exceed his expectations. However, when the relationship between Jimin and Yohan takes an unexpected turn, everything changes completely.

A new road opens, and the two try to have the courage to dream a new dream. But even when it feels like the people around you and everything are blocking your way, can you still follow that dream?

“Fly Again”, a story about boys and girls’ love and dreams, is a 2021 teen romance drama directed by Oh Chun-poong.


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