First Love Hatsukoi (2022)

First Love Hatsukoi (2022)

Drama: First Love Hatsukoi
Native Title: 初恋
Also Known As: First Love
Screenwriter & Director: Kanchiku Yuri
Genres: Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Netflix

Main cast:

Mitsushima Hikari,Satoh Takeru,Yagi Rikako,Kido Taisei


Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Leo Katsuragi (Masataka Kubota), who has no relatives, was a talented professional boxer, but he lost to his subordinate opponent and learned from a post-match medical examination that his life expectancy was short. Leo, who has lost hope and is wandering around the city, beats the unscrupulous detective Otomo (Otomo Minami) who was chasing the girl Monica (Sakurako Konishi) who is related to the yakuza, and is chased by the yakuza and Otomo.


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