First Love Again (2021)

First Love Again (2021)

“Circle of First Love” is produced by iQIYI , co-produced by Gendai Pictures and Genary Pictures [4] , directed by Wang Yan, with Liu Chenglong as the chief screenwriter, Shi Boyu and Chen Haoyu as the leading actors, Gao Maotong , Gao Qiuzi , Yang Gen , Xu Wanting , a fantasy love drama starring Cao Mingyue [9] . The drama aired on July 29, 2021 [5] .
The play is adapted from DTT’s best-selling novel “Time Machine”, which tells the sweet “adventure” of “high-cold schoolmaster” Ye Youning and “sunflower girl” Xia Wenxi in parallel time and space

Drama: First Love Again
Native Title: 循环初恋
Also Known As: Sweet on Series , Time Machine , Xun Huan Chu Lian , Shi Guang Ji , 时光机 , 循環初戀
Screenwriter: Liu Cheng Long
Director: Liu Shu Qiao, Wang Yan
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Youth, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Jul 29, 2021 – Aug 7, 2021
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.


Patrick Shih,Amy Chen,Gao Mao Tong,Gao Qiu Zi,Yang Gen,Xu Wan Ting


In parallel time and space, the sweet “adventure” of “high-cold schoolmaster” Ye Youning ( played by Shi Boyu ) and “sunflower girl” Xia Wenxi ( played by Chen Haoyu ) . The two meet with a probability of one in a billion, restart their high school life, meet their youthful playmates again, and relive their first love .


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