Final Wish (2022) (TV2)

Watch the Chinese New Year special telefilm, Final Wish on 31 January 2022, Monday at 9.00 pm on TV2.

Broadcast Time: Monday, January 31, 2022, 9:00 p.m.
Network: TV2 – Drama On 2
Director: Dato TS Jeffry
Production: Pentas Wayang Production Sdn Bhd
Cast: Ramasundran, Farid Amirul, Kenji Sawahi, Azzahra, Kogila, Huiby Ngan, Kingsley Lee


Chong is a successful trader but always sour -faced and quick -tempered. He was admitted to the Hospital for stage 4 cancer. In the ward he was placed in a room with Ali and Muthu who each had cancer. Their relationship was not so good at first. There were only small fights going on between them.

However, one night when Ali and Muthu heard Chong’s cries, their hearts broke and they started befriending Chong. Only then did they know that Chong was alone. Chong really wanted to celebrate the Chinese New Year for the last time, so he invited Ali and Muthu to celebrate together. Ali and Muthu agree. But how do they get out of the hospital?

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