Fight Back (2021)

Fight Back (2021)

Drama: Fight Back
Native Title: 反攻吧,初老少女
Also Known As: Fan Gong Ba, Chu Lao Shao Nu
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 27
Aired: Jul 5, 2021 – Jul 13, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Mango TV
Duration: 5 min.


Evan Chen,Chen Wan Ting,Brian Zhou,Annie Duan,Sean Su,Chen Yu Mei


DetailsZang Xixi is a top student majoring in law in a domestic 985 university. From childhood to adulthood, as long as Zang Xixi wants to do, she can do it, and she is a winner in life in the eyes of others. Especially when it comes to learning, Zang Xixi has always been a scholarly tyrant. After graduating, Zang Xixi joined a top law firm in China. Zang Xixi, who was motivated, devoted almost all her time and energy to her work, and before she knew it, she had entered a state of early old age.


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