Feng Yu Nong, Yan Zhi Luan (2022)

Feng Yu Nong, Yan Zhi Luan (2022)

Wind and Rain, Rouge Chaos” is a costume drama produced by Huanyu Entertainment, written by Nile , supervised by Yu Zheng , and co-starring Zhang Nan , Wang Yuwen , Sun Yizhou , Zhao Yingbo , Hui Yinghong , Fan Jiaqi , Zhao Jiamin , etc. The play is based on Nero’s romance novel of the same name.It tells a story about the love between children and children in the troubled times of the Republic of China.

Drama: Feng Yu Nong, Yan Zhi Luan
Native Title: 风雨浓,胭脂乱
Also Known As:
Genres: Romance, Melodrama
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Youku

Main cast:

Wang Yu Wen,Zhang Nan,Wen Zheng Rong


The story tells the story of the heroine, who went from a savage orphan of a famous family to the most famous courtesan in Shiliyangchang. She is a bright and moving desperado who suffers grievances just because she fell in love with a person, and she loves him so much that she wants to swallow him in her stomach. . However, the journey of love is as long as the road of three lives, and she is reluctant to trek day and night just to win him a glance.


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