Fei Teng Ren Sheng (2022)

Fei Teng Ren Sheng (2022)

Drama: Fei Teng Ren Sheng
Native Title: 沸腾人生
Also Known As: Boiling Life , 沸騰人生
Director: Xu Zong Zheng
Genres: Business, Youth, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Duration: 40 min.

Main cast:

Elvis Han,Adi Kan,Zhou Ting Wei,Jing Ru Yang,Ren Shuai,Cao Yan Yan


Produced by Shaanxi Radio and Television Rong Media Group, Yuheng Pictures, Red Coral Media, Shaanxi Guangxi Film and Television Culture, produced by Orange Butterfly Film and Television, written by Wang Zhili, directed by Xu Zongzheng, and starring Han Dongjun and Kan Qingzi, the TV series “Boiled Life” was released on June 1. It was officially launched in Baoji City, Shaanxi Province on 11th. Director Xu Zongzheng, actors Han Dongjun, Kan Qingzi and other main creators appeared at the opening scene.

TV series

  (“Boiled Life” concept poster)

  ”Boiled Life” is the first TV series with the background of my country’s heavy-duty truck industry. It tells about the children of Huaqi, mainly Ai Changan (Han Dongjun) and Shen Xia (Kan Qingzi), and Xu Chi (played by Han Qingzi) who came to the Huaqi factory for an internship. Zou Tingwei) and other college students share the same fate with the auto industry on which they live. The time span of this play is 30 years, and it depicts this group of auto industry workers writing a magnificent picture of boiling life with their youth and sweat.

TV series

  (Actor Han Dongjun as Ai Changan)

TV series

  (actor Kan Qingzi plays Shen Xia)

  The play continues the creative team of “The Age of Pentium”, pays tribute to the industry of a great country with the spirit of craftsmanship, and sees that China’s auto industry has transformed from a “big manufacturing country” to a “powerful manufacturing country”, from “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” and then “Created in China” “A glorious history.


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