Fall In Love (2021)

Fall In Love (2021)

Drama: Fall In Love
Native Title: 一见倾心
Also Known As: Yi jian qing xin
Director: Lin Jian Long, Chen Guo Hua
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Political
Country: China
Episodes: 36
Aired: Nov 9, 2021 – Dec 8, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Original Network: Youku
Duration: 45 min.


Chen Xing Xu,Zhang Jing Yi,Evan Lin,Cai Yu Hang,Chen Xin Yu,Yuan Ruo Hang


In 1926, Mu Wanqing, who had been in Japan for ten years because of the breakup of her parents, returned to China with her mother’s ashes for burial. On the surface, she defected to her father, but in fact she wanted to find out the truth about the death of her brother who caused the breakup of her parents. The Shanghai city defense chief Tan Xuanlin, who was the mutiny, has been excluded because of his humble background, and his situation after the counterattack is still on thin ice. Although Xu Guangyao, the only son of the commander of Yuecheng, is the arrogant son of the stars, he is very disgusted with the power struggle in the officialdom. Due to fate, the three young people Mu Wanqing, Tan Xuanlin and Xu Guangyao forged a deep bond. In order to gain a foothold in the Mu family, Mu Wanqing deliberately approached Xu Guangyao as a backer, while Tan Xuanlin offered to cooperate with Mu Wanqing in order to investigate the old cases related to the Mu family. After the three people experienced a series of ups and downs and even life and death tests, Tan Xuanlin and Xu Guangyao, under the guidance of the Communist Liao Xi, saw through the essence of the reactionary warlords’ “only for self-interest, no family but no country”, and they threw themselves into the great revolution through different paths. in the torrent. In the process, the growing affection between the three people has also become a heartwarming love legend


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