Ex Aku PontianaK (2022)

The latest drama under Gempak Original Series, Ex Aku Pontianak will meet the audience starting January 19 on Astro Ria channel (104). A horror comedy drama directed by Shamyl Othman, featuring lead actors Ikmal Amry, Elizabeth Tan and Raysha Rizrose. Ex Aku Pontianak broadcasts every Wednesday at 9:30 pm on Astro Ria or can be streamed through the Gempak portal, Astro GO application and On Demand.

Episode: 10
Release Date: 19 January 2022
Broadcast Time: Wednesday, 9:30 pm
Series : Astro Ria – Gempak Original Series
Script: Anwar Hadi, Shamaine Othman, Suzanne Ong, Akmal Nahar
Director: Shamyl Othman
Produksi: Red Communications

Main Cast:

Ikmal Amry as Malik
Elizabeth Tan as Bella
Raysha Rizrose sebagai Suraya
Alicia Amin as Jay
Maya Hanum as Fifi
Fikhree Bakar as Zhafran
Arwan as Joe
Nabil Zakaria as Amran
Fatimah Abu Bakar as Mak Suraya
Datuk Malek Noor as Suraya’s Father


Tells the story of a playboy named Malik (Ikmal Amry) who is hunted by his ex -girlfriend, Bella (Elizabeth Tan) for playing three sticks. Malik is shocked to find out Bella is actually a vampire and he enlists the help of Suraya (Raysha Rizrose), a vampire hunter who has his own mission to eliminate evil vampires like Bella who are trying to gather new powers.

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