Everybody in the House

Everybody in the House (2021)

Drama: Everybody in the House
Native Title: 一宅家族
Also Known As: One House Family , Yi Zhai Jiazu , Yi Zhai Jia Zu , Yat Jaak Ga Juk
Genres: Comedy, Family
Country: China
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jul 30, 2021 – Aug 21, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 25 min.


Patrick Zhang,Ma Shu Liang


In the front room of Unit 3, Unit 201, 202 and Unit 3 of Xingfujiayuan Building 4, there are four grandfathers and grandsons of the old Ma family, and everyone has their own peach blossom garden. Grandfather Ma Tianming hopes to save more pension money to give his useless grandchildren and sons-in-law a way back; grandson Ma Dai wants to rely on the road of freelance programmers, never leaving the door but not worrying about food and clothing; brother-in-law Fan Chengyuan dreams of going out of the house and becoming a well-known scholar; sister Ma Tao wants to make the company bigger and stronger, and start a business with Heli Electric. The days go by, and everyone is seriously running against their wishes… In addition, Jin Dahai, an apprentice of Grandpa’s massage studio, Peng Weiwei, a Taobao anchor who is looking for a shared rent, and different neighbors upstairs and downstairs, go back to the relocated housing community


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