Esao Untarai (2021)

Esao Untarai (2021)

Dangerous girl in a slum full of social problems, drugs and crime, Kaew and Tum, two best friends.

You need to fight and protect yourself and your family from influential people.

The story of two friends who have dreams: Kaew (Fai Nanthanat), a woman who dreams of becoming a policeman, Tum (Jeeja Yanin), a woman with a dream of becoming a Thai boxer champion.

during the dream journey There are many obstacles, both love, community and family problems. tricking women into selling kidnapping for ransom which the story takes place in the community

Drama: Esao Untarai
Native Title: อีสาวอันตราย
Also Known As: Dangerous Girl , The Menacing Duo , E-sao Untrarai
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 26
Aired: Sep 15, 2021 – Oct 20, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Original Network: Channel 3
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.


Yorch Yongsin Wongpanitnont


Esawa Danger, Channel 3HD, every Monday – Friday at 19.00, starting on Wednesday, September 15, starring Fai Nantanat, Dream Kandanai, Ball Kamman and Yacht Yongsilp. Channel 3 fans prepare to receive a heavy punch !! of the drama that shows the strength of female power Moreover, it is also a line that reflects society as “Dangerous girl” with all emotions Mellow and perfect This story is written by Thep Devi and skilled director “Piyapong Khamphakul” and the skillful organizer “Dang Thanya” from Do Entertainment Company Limited, who has drawn a girl ” Fai Nanthanat ” .

Take on the role of a great heroine , a fighter , that ‘s a screen with aIt is said that “Kaew” is a good-hearted girl who has a clue in her mind about her father. Auntie parted ways and tried everything.

to bring the family back to be the same, with the young man “Dream Kandanai ” who plays the role of “Prakarn” , a young man as a good son of Mae Sinee and the beloved grandchildren of Aunt Sira and Khun Ta Sawet


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