Dun Huang (2022)

Dun Huang (2022)

The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” is an ancient costume love drama directed by Mao Kunyu, starring Zhang Hanyun and Tong Mengshi, and starring Chen Yilong , Wang Ruolin , Sheng Huizi , etc.
The play is adapted from the web novel of the same name by Lan Wormwood .

Drama: Dun Huang
Native Title: 敦煌
Also Known As: Dunhuang
Director: Lu Xing
Genres: Historical, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 1
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: iQiyi

Main cast:

Lu Xing


The word “Dunhuang” first appeared in Zhang Qian ‘s report to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty in ” Records of the Grand Historian : Biography of Dayan”, saying that “the Shiyue clan lived between Dunhuang and Qilian”. In 111 BC, the Han Dynasty officially established Dunhuang County . The ancients generally used the literal meaning of Chinese to explain the place name of “Dunhuang”. For example, Ying Shao ‘s ” Hanshu ” in the Eastern Han Dynasty said “Dun, Daye. Huang, Shengye.” ” Yuanhe County Map Zhi ” compiled by Li Jifu of the Tang Dynasty He further said: “Dun is great. It is famous for its wide opening of the Western Regions .”
But most modern scholars believe that the etymology of “Dunhuang” is not Chinese. It is generally believed that “Dunfu” recorded in ” Shanhaijing ” is the earliest name of Dunhuang, and “Dunfu” or Dunhuang is the Chinese transliteration of the local minority language. As for which ethnic group is, there are different opinions. Japanese scholar Fujita Toyohachi has verified that Dunhuang may be a transliteration of Tokhara, and Tokhara was the Yuezhi people who lived between Dunhuang and Qilian at that time ; Chinese scholar Cen Zhongmian believes that the etymology of Dunhuang is ” Peach Blossom Stone ” (Taugas) ; Wang Zongwei believes that “Dunfu” or Dunhuang is a transliteration of ” Tocharo “, and infers that Dunhuang is the hometown of Tocharian people ; Li Dexian believes that Dunhuang is the ancient Qiang The opposite of the human language “Duohang” (meaning the place or place of chanting)


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