Drops of God (2022)

Tomohisa Yamashita will be the first overseas drama starring in Hulu ‘s original “Drops of God ” (tentative title), which will be broadcast and distributed worldwide in 2022 (planned) and exclusively distributed on Hulu in Japan .

Drama: Drops of God
Native Title: Drops of God 神の雫
Also Known As: Drops of God Kami no Shizuku
Genres: Mystery, Drama, Family
Country: Japan
Episodes: 8
Aired: 2022
Original Network: Hulu

Main cast:

Yamashita Tomohisa


Hulu, an online video service, has recently launched a new big international project. A multilingual drama series of French, English and Japanese, featuring the legendary Japanese manga “Drops of God” (written by Aki Nao / pictured by Okimoto Shu / Kodansha), which was loved all over the world and ignited the Japanese wine boom. “Drops of God” (tentative title) made into a live drama, the world’s premier global television studio, Legendary Television (USA) and an independent company that delivers high-quality television programs to viewers around the world. Co-production will start with four companies, Dynamic Television (USA), a production and distribution company, France Television, a French national broadcasting station group, and Hulu Japan.

The story of this work, which is a live-action version of a feature-length manga that depicts the world of gastronomy and fine wine and the fate of the family and has caused a great sensation all over the world, is the founding of the world-famous Leger Wine Guide. Alexandre Leger, 60, who is a person / author and an authority on oenology, begins to die at his home in Tokyo. Alexandre’s only daughter, Camille, hasn’t seen Alexandre since her parents divorced when she was nine. In front of Camille (29 years old) heading to Tokyo, Alexander’s will was read aloud, and in order for Camille to inherit the huge wine collection left by Alexander, the expert says “the best wine collection in the world”, Alexander’s The condition was to win the confrontation with a young and intelligent wine critic, Issei Tomine (31 years old), a disciple. Alexandre’s suicide note says “Ichisei is the” son of the soul “”, but what is the relationship between Alexandre and Hitoto? Complex family relationships, inheritance, and love for wine lead the two young men into a fateful confrontation.

The big challenge in this drama series is that the male character “Kamisaki Shizuku”, which is the center of the story in the original manga, is a French female Camille. Regarding the intention and reason of this setting, the production team said, “I made one of the two protagonists who confront each other a young woman because I thought that the confrontation between the two protagonists could be tense throughout the series. Not only does the relationship between the two become richer, but the difference between the two stands out. It is a contrast between the excellent and experienced Issei and the zero-experienced and amateur Camille. There is a rare odor. Also, by making the main character male and female, the feelings experienced will be different and many dramas will be born. ” ..

Yamashita, an actor who continues to expand his field of activity in the world, plays the wise wine critic, Kazumasa Tomine, who is at the center of the story. Blessed with brains, appearance, and talent, Hitoto, a perfectionist, was born into a famous Japanese family and has fulfilled his duty as a tracer, but by chance or inevitability, he is fascinated by wine and goes crazy. Furthermore, there is a secret in Hitoto’s birth … Yamashita first appeared in an overseas movie in the 2018 movie “Cyber ​​Mission” (China / Hong Kong), followed by Hulu’s original “THE HEAD”, a worldwide blockbuster drama that is being broadcast and distributed in about 60 countries and regions around the world. 』(Exclusively distributed on Hulu), this time, finally play the first overseas drama starring.



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