Drama Special Season 12: The Palace (2021)

Drama Special Season 12: The Palace (2021)

Special: Drama Special Season 12: The Palace
Native Title: 드라마 스페셜 – 그녀들
Also Known As: Drama Special Season 12: Them , Geunyeodeul , Drama Special Season 12: Girls
Screenwriter: Kang Han
Director: Lee Woong Hee
Genres: Historical
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 3, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: KBS2
Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.


Jung Da Eun
Jung Da Eun
Kim Sae Ron


Did she not know how to get caught, or did she run away knowingly?
She did not know that she was the woman who had been found out countless times.
On the other hand, she had too much to lose to fight.
Her life has changed after Book Bong.
why? That question was the beginning of the drama.

A palace in the Joseon Dynasty where questions were dismissed as challenges and opinions turned into treason.
I was curious and wanted to tell the story of two women in the palace who dared to shout.
The story of the women who just wanted to live like human beings rather than a challenge and treason.

The day the news spread in the palace that Crown Prince Bongseon was reinstating three sons after seven years. Nine Sossang overheard a secret conversation between Seunghwi Kwon-min and Choi Sang-gung, who harbor a grudge against this. You plan to abort Crown Prince…

It’s been awhile since you shut your mouth in fear of her. That night, Sossang finds out that Seunghwi has a secret affair with Yonghyeon, who is wearing a uniform, and recites an overheard conversation with a shield to protect him. In the end, Sossang’s vow to become a trusted henchman immediately becomes Seunghwi Kwonmin’s strategy.


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