Drama Special Season 12: Oddinary (2021)

Drama Special Season 12: Oddinary (2021)

Special: Drama Special Season 12: Oddinary
Native Title: 드라마 스페셜 – 보통의 재화
Also Known As: Drama Special Season 12: Ordinary Goods , Botongui Jaehwa
Director: Choi Yeon Soo
Screenwriter: Kim Sung Joon
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 17, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: KBS2
Duration: 60 min.

Main cast:

Kwak Sun Young,Choi Dae Hoon,Kim Na Yeon


The UHD KBS Drama Special 2021 one-act drama ‘Ordinary Goods’ left an impression on the small screen with the stories of those who heal and overcome their pain.

In the one-act drama ‘Ordinary Goods’ (directed by Choi Yeon-soo/played by Kim Seong-joon) of the UHD KBS Drama Special 2021 broadcast on the 17th, the story of escaping from the rainy season of Kim Jae-hwa (Kwak Seon-young), an unusual woman who was diagnosed with panic disorder as well as being an icon of bad luck, was drawn. lost.

‘Ordinary Goods’ started with Kim Jae-hwa, who suffers from bad luck for unknown reasons, such as stepping on gum out of the blue while taking a walk, and there is no soup in the ramen bag he was boiling. As she threatened to be struck by her thunderbolt in front of her crosswalk, she opened her umbrella and said, “You can’t end her life as a loser. Absolutely, never, ever!”, holding the attention of viewers, foretelling a new change.

However, contrary to her bold cry, bad news continued to come to her side regardless of home or office. To make matters worse, she lost consciousness in the crowd and was diagnosed with panic disorder by psychiatrist Choi Byung-mo. Choi Byung-mo, while watching Kim Jae-hwa complaining of her injustice, showed the opposite temperature difference with her in the dry aspect of her mechanically nodding her head as if dulled by her repetitive work.

Kim Jae-hwa, who returned to her house after completing her treatment and was disposing of food waste, first met Ahn Hee-jeong, a middle school student who is the daughter of the head of her apartment women’s association. Her Kim Jae-hwa grumbled at her Ahn Hee-jeong’s behavior of monitoring herself with her arms crossed, but a few days later she found her being bullied by her students. On that day, Kim Jae-hwa, who heard the words ‘unlucky’ from the call center customers she worked for, and the students she saw for the first time, eventually exploded and screamed, expressing her anger and letting the children who were touching Ahn Hee-jeong run away.

Kim Jae-hwa, who had vented her boiling emotions, recalled an exhilarating moment during a consultation with her Choi Byung-mo, when she said, “It felt good.” In response, she said that she would no longer endure to overcome her misfortune, and she chose to pay back her sufferings to those who had hurt her. Not only is she candidly angry with the delivery man for not complying with her request, but she falsely introduces Ahn Hee-jung as her daughter and feeds her first love Ha Jung-woo (Oh Dong-min), who had an affair with her best friend. She continued her own exhilarating walk.

Kim Jae-hwa seemed to have a lighter heart, but Choi Byung-mo knew that her choice was not the answer and brought up the story of ‘parents’ for fundamental treatment. At this, she sprinted out of her seat, but for fear that her mother would be worried, Ahn Hee-jung, a ‘mature’ who hides her own pain, seemed to have moved her heart, and she headed back to her doctor’s room. Kim Jae-hwa shared her experience of witnessing her father’s affair during her school days, and Choi Byung-mo, who heard this, said, “If you don’t want to do it, you don’t want it, if it’s hard, it’s hard. Wouldn’t it be okay to do it once in a lifetime?” and caused a stir in everyone’s hearts with his sincere advice.

Kim Jae-hwa, who went to her house with her strong determination, did not know her own pace and refused to her mother to buy her father’s hearing aid, and eventually she burst into anger. Eventually, she said to her mother, who had turned away from her father’s affair, “I should have asked once if I was really sorry. You should have said sorry to me once!” she poured out without hiding her feelings. But as she understood her mother’s heart, which must have been harder than anyone else, she faced the fact that the ‘real’ cause of her unhappiness was in herself, as she withdrew herself.

After leaving her house, she went to her convenience store, crying and ran into Ahn Hee-jung, who was covered in scars. Ahn Hee-jung told Kim Jae-hwa, “Ajumma, you look unlucky. And I think I’m a pretty decent adult,” she confessed, and the warm sincerity of the two of them contrasted with the visuals, moving the small screen.

A few days later, Jae-Hwa Kim met Park Soo-Jin (Oh Hye-Won), an ex-boyfriend who was married to Ha Jung-Woo. When she showed her shameless attitude rather than hiding her regret, Kim Jae-hwa confided this to Choi Byung-mo and burst into anger. Choi Byung-mo showed her new change with anger as if it was her own business. Also, her heartfelt sympathy for Kim Jae-hwa’s pain, her Choi Byung-mo understood her refusal to take her medication, and decided that she would be able to proceed with her treatment with her counseling, so she decided to stop taking her medication. recommended She continued, “I am trying to be happy from now on. Not for others, but for Kim Jae-hwa himself,” bringing tears to the viewers’ eyes.


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