Drama Special Season 12: A Moment of Romance (2021)

Drama Special Season 12: A Moment of Romance (2021)

Special: Drama Special Season 12: A Moment of Romance
Native Title: 드라마 스페셜 – 딱밤 한 대가 이별에 미치는 영향
Also Known As: 2021 KBS Drama Special: The Effect of One Night on Parting , Ttagbam Han Daega Ibyeole Michineun Yeonghyang , 2021 KBS Drama Special: The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup
Director: Goo Sung Joon
Screenwriter: Kim Mi Kyung
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 1
Aired: Nov 19, 2021
Aired On: Friday
Original Network: KBS2
Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.

Main Cast:

Kang Tae Oh,Shin Ye Eun,Hong Kyung,Ha Yoon Kyung,Seo Yi Sook


n the released stills, there are four people, Oh Jin (Shin Ye Eun), Cha Min Jae (Kang Tae Oh), Go Won Bin (Hong Kyung), and Jung Yun Jung (Ha Yoon Kyung) who are in a rush. First of all, Oh-jin, who shoots bitter eyes, and Cha Min-jae, who is very annoyed, attracts attention. Moreover, Go Won-bin, who looks at Cha Min-jae, and Jeong Yun-jeong, who has surprised rabbit eyes, are in one place, stimulating curiosity.

Interest is focused on the story of the four people facing each other and the reason for the sharp air current in the same space.

In another photo, Cha Min-jae is hitting Oh-jin’s forehead with a chestnut. She closes her eyes and waits for his action, suggesting that she is running towards parting.

In addition, a date scene of two people who are concentrating on a TV game with comfortable attire is captured and catches the eye. In addition, Cha Min-jae, with his determined eyes, beats Jin Oh-jin with all his might in the bet, raising the question of what kind of ending the love affair between the two people who started with ‘one night’ will come true.


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