Drama for All: Criminal People 5G (2021)

Drama for All: Criminal People 5G (2021)

The five of them hoped to get rich by short-cut, so they planned to open the most reliable fortune-telling sect. and uses an ingenious method to steal the victim’s secret in social media and analyze it, using the information as a prediction that comes out of the mouth of the most accurate fortune teller in the world These five criminals are rich or not. Follow the drama Criminal People 5G 23/01/64 Saturday-Sunday at 8:15 p.m. Watch live together via ThaiPBS, Channel 3

Drama: Drama for All: Criminal People 5G
Native Title: DRAMA FOR ALL: อาชญากล คน 5G
Also Known As:
Genres: Crime
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 2
Aired: Sep 4, 2021 – Sep 5, 2021
Aired On: Saturday, Sunday
Duration: 55 min.


Pond Ponlawit Ketprapakorn,Punpun Sutatta Udomsilp,Ben Chalatit Tantiwut,Best Nathasit Kotimanuswanich,Shane Attharut Kongrasri


The world is cruel when these new criminals Come together to commit a new crime that has never been done before in the drama “Achayakon Khon 5G” directed by Surat Sitthipornchai, leading a team of crime gangs this time by “Book” (Pound-Polwi) Chet Ketpraphakorn), a Call Center employee who encounters boredom and despair at his job. By thinking big, persuading “Lin” (Punpun-Sutatta Udomsilp), a Call Center employee, who is good at persuasively speaking in order to obtain information to use in making transactions. who delves into IT information until it becomes a career “Ick” (Best-Nattasit Kotmanatwanich) fake celebrity on the online world hoping to create an image to deceive people who do Ponzi schemes And the last one is the indispensable important person “Kle” (Ben-Chalatit Tantiwut), a balancing figure, a mother who has a substantial income from this career. All 5 of them come together in hopes of getting rich in a shortcut. by opening the most accurate horoscope in the world and uses ingenious methods to steal victim’s secrets in social media to analyze and use the information to make predictions from the mouth of the most reliable fortune tellers in the world Without you knowing it… will the crime be successful or not? Will these 5 criminals be rich or not?


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