Douse Mou Nigerarenai (2021)

Douse Mou Nigerarenai (2021)

Kazumi Kazui’s popular comic is made into a drama with Jin Shirasu and Mayu Yokota!

A superb pure love story that depicts the unrelenting love between a man who can’t get serious about love and a girl who is clumsy and straight!

Naho Noda was longing for a mediocre office lady life, but he couldn’t get a job offer. So he decided to have a part-time job interview at the design office “Solo Design Office” in order to earn his living expenses for the time being. Along the way, Naho encounters a man and a woman who are playing her silly story, but the man treats Naho who happened to be there as a new girlfriend to treat a woman. Naho gets angry at her man’s sloppy attitude, and she instinctively pushes him away. The man who went to the “Solo Design Office” office was Takumi Kousaka, the representative of the office. For some reason, Naho was hired as a part-time job at a solo design office. (9 episodes in total)

Drama: Douse Mou Nigerarenai
Native Title: どうせもう逃げられない
Also Known As: I Can’t Escape Anymore , Can’t Run Away Anyway , Can’t Run Away from Love
Screenwriter & Director: Kawahara Yo
Genres: Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 9
Aired: Sep 16, 2021 – Nov 11, 2021
Aired On: Thursday
Original Network: MBS
Duration: 24 min.


Shirasu Jin,Yokota Mayuu,Asaka Kodai,Kusakawa Takuya,Ishida Nicole,Honda Miyu


Takumi is told that there is a story from Naho and decides to end with this.

Takumi was upset for a moment, urging him to “listen here now,” but the word he said was a confession that he liked it.

Takumi embraces Naho in a word he had never imagined. At that time, a phone call comes in to Takumi’s cell phone.

He had been calling for a long time, so when I looked at it, he was from Tsubasa, and there was an email saying “Help” …


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