Dia Suka (2022)

The drama adaptation of the novel ‘Kerana Dia Suka’ by Marissa will be broadcast on TV3. Starring Fikry Ibrahim and Rita Nadira. A drama directed by Kyoll Hamzah, published by Zeel Production Sdn Bhd.

Episode: –
Screening Date: 2 February 2022
Broadcast Time: –
Network: Sakura / Lestary TV3
Script: Mufid Suhaimi, Next Scene Team
Director: Kyoll Hamzah
Production: Zeel Production Sdn Bhd
Cast: Fikry Ibrahim, Rita Nadira, Trisha Ooi, Aidit Noh, Rozita Che Wan, Fendi London, Riz Amin, Nasha Aziz, Nafiez Zaidi, Mimi Ernida, Ezany Nizarif, Marisa Yasmin, Harris Annuar, Nina Smith, Shah Khan, Halmey Hamdah , Nadia Kesuma, Zain Saidin

Main Cast:

Fikry Ibrahim as Idham
Rita Nadira as Wardina
Trisha Ooi as Zaimah
Fendi London as Haji Budin
Riz Amin as Ijol
Nasha Aziz as Seha
Mimi Ernida as Aida
Ezany Nizarif as Dato Zack
Marisa Yasmin as Datin Frida
Nina Smith as Nurlisa


“But I want you to believe that I am completely innocent. I will love you until I die. ”

Those were the words of Sufian, his fiancé when he had just been caught having khalwat with Aida. Again
less than a month into their wedding, but now everything remains a memory.
That discouragement brought Wardina to Kundasang with her good friend, Zaimah.
Unexpectedly, he was met by a man of natural fibers named Idham. Similar to pirates. But the man was something.

“I think the man is interested in you.”

Wardina refused as hard as she could but Zaimah remained with her stand. And finally Idham explained his status.

“IM already engaged.” – Idham

I swear, Wardina will not be involved with anyone’s property. She was already in pain when her expected husband was kidnapped by someone else. Immediately he put distance on their relationship.

However, Idham seems to have forgotten the status he holds. He invited Wardina to go out to eat together, and even spent the night at Wardina’s family house in the village.
Miraculously, the longer it went on, Wardina’s heart became attached to the man of natural fibers.
“Aren’t you worried about your fiancé seeing? I don’t want to break up with my fiancé. ” -Wardina
“She doesn’t even care. All this time he didn’t pay any attention to me. Whether you like it or not with this engagement. ” – Idham

But a confession from Idham’s lips for Wardina seemed to come out of her dream.
“I remember wanting to end my engagement.” -Idham
“What?” – Wardina
“Yes, I want to end my engagement. I’m not ready to continue. It’s no use if I don’t have a direct heart with him. ” – Idham

“Why did you just now decide not to continue your engagement?
Why not from the beginning? ” – Wardina

“I tried to accept him because then I had no one but now I think I’m in love with a girl.”- Idham

Suddenly Wardina felt quite relieved. Indeed, Idham with him is just a friend. Nothing more than that. He is relieved because he will not be a third party at all because Idham is already in love with another girl. Or maybe he’s the fourth or fifth person. Unfortunately, the feeling of relief is embroidered with feelings of regret. Yes, sorry to have fallen in love with that natural fiber man!

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