Derhaka Cinta Jebat (2022)

The drama adaptation of the novel ‘Derhaka Cinta Jebat’ by Cik Tet features the main actors Azlee Khairi and Elvina Mohamad. A 26 -episode drama series produced by Suhan Movies & Trading, directed by Ejump Mohd. Derhaka Cinta Jebat fills the Widuri slot on TV1 from 3 January 2022, every Monday to Thursday, at 6.00 pm.

Episode: 26
Release Date: January 3, 2022
Broadcast Time: Monday-Thursday, 6.00 pm
Network: TV1 (RTM)
Script: Syed Mohamad Taufik Syed Abdul
Director: Ejump Mohd
Production: Suhan Movies & Trading Sdn Bhd

Main Cast:

Azlee Khairi as Jebat Zulkarnain
Elvina Mohamad as Aisyah Humaira
Ikmal Amry as Tuah
Jasper Supayah as Cemelia
Faez Nick as Iqbal
Daniel Fong as Amar/Eric Wong
Ikhwan Rosli as Salim
Nina Fazurina as Amira
Princess A’teeqah Ayu as Suria
Mimi Edina as Inara
Hannah Qiassatina as Fatihah


It all stems from resentment, misunderstanding and coupled with a sky -high ego, willing Jebat Zulkarnain to oppress his own wife Aisyah Humaira. Wisely, Jebat arranges a plan for Aisyah to fall in love with him, leading to a marriage with the intention of seeking revenge. Aisyah Humaira, once had a love affair with Jebat’s younger brother, Tuah Iskandar.

Without a motion to check his firmness, Jebat handed down an arbitrary sentence without giving Aisyah a chance to explain everything. Aisyah was accused of cheating while she was in love with Tuah and being the cause of the tragedy that befell her beloved brother.

Aisyah is really disappointed. Jebat lied to his love. He married Jebat not to be loved, loved wholeheartedly but Jebat has his own agenda. Jebat’s mission is only one, to avenge his revenge and repay all the misery of Tuah who was allegedly betrayed by Aisyah before.

The wife’s heart is not disappointed. Happiness is expected but rewarded with miserable suffering by the husband whom she loves with all her heart. Aisyah was suffering more and more, so she decided to leave Jebat with a wounded heart.

A toy of destiny, when all the truth unfolds before his eyes, Jebat is the one who becomes curious. Regret is now useless, Aisyah is getting further and further away. Remorse is now torturing Jebat himself. Does he still have another chance or is it too late for him to get a forgiveness and Aisyah’s love back?

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