Dark Room (2021)

Dark Room (2021)

The darkroom was the place where photos were developed in the days of film cameras.
Film cameras have been around for 120 years since EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY produced the first film rolls of epoch-making significance. Before the popularization of digital cameras, the darkroom, as the most important link from film to photo, was highly valued by photography enthusiasts. Major camera companies have discontinued their film cameras, and the darkroom’s attention hasn’t waned. Because no matter what era, those who pursue photography quality and photography fun will never forget the darkroom. As long as the advantages of film cameras for color reproduction and image clarity remain, the darkroom will remain a holy place for some people.

Drama: Dark Room
Native Title: 暗房
Also Known As: Dark Rooms , An Fang
Genres: Mystery, Crime
Country: China
Episodes: 15
Aired: Sep 22, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 42 min.


Gong Mi
Lei Mu
Liu Tian Zuo


A darkroom is a room that can be completely darkened for processing light-sensitive photosensitive materials, including photographic film and paper . Darkrooms were established and used for photography, beginning around the early 1800s. In the darkroom, a safety light that will not expose the photosensitive material is used as the lighting equipment.

Darkrooms come in many different forms, from the empty rooms used by Ansel Adams, known for his black-and – white landscape photographs , to the darkrooms used by Timothy H. O’Sullivan using vehicles . From initial research and development, to the establishment of printing, darkroom procedures allow complete control of the process.

Since the 21st century, digital photography has prevailed, and the popularity of darkrooms has declined, but there are still many professional photography studios with darkrooms on college campuses.


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