Da Lu Chao Dong (2022)

Da Lu Chao Dong (2022)

“The Road to the East” is jointly produced by the Film and Television Center of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Shanghai Xinzhu Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. It is a TV drama about the rule of law that conveys positive energy. It is directed by Wang Lianping and starring Hu Jun , Chang Rong , Jiang Kaitong and Gao Ming .
The play centers on the family of an old revolutionary and veteran cadre Xu Ziqiang. It tells about the different positions and attitudes of three generations of a family towards corruption and anti-corruption, and finally forms a strong family anti-corruption fortress, using family affection to summon the corrupt and fleeing son to surrender himself. story.

Drama: Da Lu Chao Dong
Native Title: 大路朝东
Also Known As: 不可逾越 , Insurmountable
Genres: Law, Drama, Political
Country: China
Episodes: 44
Aired: 2022 – ?
Duration: 45 min.

Main cast:

Hu Jun,Jiang Kai Tong,Gao Ming,Song Yi Jie,Liang Ai Qi,Crystal Zhang


Ouyang Feng, deputy director of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau and commander-in-chief of Highway 1, was framed and suspended for refusing to corrode. His girlfriend Xu Guoping, a reporter, assisted him in finding clues about the corrupt group committing the crime, and discovered that his brother Xu Guozheng was one of the corrupt elements. With the support of his prospective father-in-law Xu Ziqiang and his girlfriend Xu Guoping, Ouyang Feng turned the family into a strong anti-corruption fortress, and fought tirelessly against the evil forces and corrupt relationships around Xu Guozheng. Due to the connivance and protection of Mayor Wu, and the obstruction of Adeley, the boss behind the evil forces, Ouyang Feng was always in a passive position and even threatened his life many times. Xu Guoping went to a road and bridge company that violated laws and regulations in the name of interviews, obtained first-hand criminal information, and helped Ouyang Feng provide strong evidence for reporting crimes. In order to prevent Xu Guozheng from rebelling, Mayor Wu instructed Aidley to send Xu Guozheng abroad. With the support of the Municipal Procuratorate, Ouyang Feng went abroad to persuade Xu Guozheng to return to China and surrender. In the end, Xu Guozheng returned to China and surrendered himself to the prosecution, and explained the criminal facts of Mayor Wu, Adeley and others.


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