Crush (2021)

Crush (2021)

Drama: Crush
Native Title: 原来我很爱你
Also Known As: It Turns Out I Love You Very Much , So I Love You Very Much , Yuan Lai Wo Hen Ai Ni , Yun Loi Ngo Han Oi Nei , Qin He Yi Kan , 原來我很愛你 , 衾何以堪
Director: Yu Cui Hua
Screenwriter: Yang Yi Xun
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 24
Aired: Aug 3, 2021 – Aug 12, 2021
Aired On: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: iQiyi
Duration: 40 min.


Evan Lin,Wan Peng,Cong Shang,Li Jia Hao,Niu Yu Kun,Zeng Yi Xuan


Sang Wuyan ( Wan Peng ) , a senior who is about to graduate, dreams of becoming a broadcaster, working as an anchor assistant on the radio station, and likes a mysterious songwriter with the pseudonym “Yijin”. Sang Wuyan falls in love at first sight with Su Nianqun ( Lin Yanjun ) whom he meets by chance , only to find out later that he is a cold and visually impaired person. Sang Wuyan peeled off Su Nianqun’s arrogant and indifferent shell like an onion, until he found that Su Nianqun was the songwriter “Yijin” and fell in love. The two who tried their best to protect their love, tug-of-war between hard-won happiness and fear of losing, and finally broke up due to realistic pressure and misunderstanding. Three years later, Sang Wuyan became the host of the radio station, and Su Nianqun also healed his eyes and took up family responsibilities to learn to manage the enterprise. The two met again on different life paths, and finally overcame difficulties and came together
The FM27.1 East Lake music radio program “Golden Song Pavilion” is about to start, but the anchor Nie Xi has not arrived. At the critical moment, intern Sang Wuyan bravely sat on the anchor station and started the program. And Su Nianqun, the songwriter and songwriter who was listening to the show, instantly heard that the anchor had changed and remembered the voice. Although Nie Xi arrived and handed over to Sang Wuyan smoothly, the entire program team was criticized. When Sang Wuyan was about to leave, she ran into Wei Hao, a young man who came to her to clear up the misunderstanding. She ran all the way to the park to avoid Wei Hao, and met Su Nianqun who was resting on a bench by the lake. Fall in love with him at first sight. That night, a piece of news broke on the Internet. A woman said she was the creator of “Yijin” who never showed up, and she was also the girlfriend of singer Xu Guanchun. As a fan of Yijin, Sang Wuyan immediately said angrily after learning the news that this woman must be “fake Yijin”. Nie Xi, who was acquainted with the real “Yi Jin” Su Nianqun, issued a military order and must invite “Real Yi Jin” to do a show. Originally, Su Nianqun turned a deaf ear to this gossip, but he still refused to speak out and clarify under the persuasion of his agent Yu Xiaolu, but because of the misinterpretation of “fake one present”, he felt that his work was insulted, and agreed to Nie Xi’s invitation to the show. On the day of the recording of the program, Sang Wuyan met Su Nianqun again in the radio elevator, and found that he was blind, but hurried back to school because the counselor and teacher wanted to talk about the internship.

Vol. 2
Plot pictures
Introduced by the director, she learned that Su Nianqun was a substitute Braille teacher. That night, her roommate, Cheng Yin, who came home late, suggested to Sang Wuyan that the two of them move out of the dormitory and rent a room together to facilitate the practice, and Wuyan readily agreed. The next day, Sang Wuyan followed the sound of the piano to the piano classroom and found that Su Nianqun was composing a Chinese-style piece. Su Nianqun coldly asked Sang Wuyan to leave, which made her embarrassed and annoyed. When Sang Wuyan went to the radio again, he was surprised to find that he had been transferred to the news department. Nie Xi said that she did this so that she could get a more comprehensive exercise. Sang Wuyan accepted the transfer, went to the news department to report, and found that she actually wanted to work with Xu Qian. Xu Qian, Sang Wuyan and Wei Hao have been the closest trio since high school, but they fell apart due to a kiss between Wei Hao and Xu Qian not long ago. Sang Wuyan left the radio station immediately after finishing work on the grounds that he wanted to celebrate his roommate Li Lulu’s birthday, but unexpectedly found Wei Hao at the birthday party. When Wei Hao sang Sang Wuyan’s favorite song “The Occupation”, Sang Wuyan couldn’t bear it and ran out. Wei Hao, who caught up, explained to her that the kiss was just because of drunkenness, and the two broke up. . The next day, Mr. Li, who was going to have a meeting, asked Sang Wuyan to take over a class. Su Nianqun was dissatisfied with Sang Wuyan’s attitude when she heard Sang Wuyan and her classmates call to say that she had to do the full internship. When Sang Wuyan asked Su Nianqun to help with the class, Su Nianqun refused indifferently.


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