Couple of Mirrors (2021)

Couple of Mirrors (2021)

Drama: Couple of Mirrors
Native Title: 双镜
Also Known As: Double Mirror , Shuang Jing , 雙鏡
Genres: Thriller, Historical, Mystery, Drama
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Aug 12, 2021 – Aug 26, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Duration: 46 min.


Zhang Nan,Annie Sun,Liu Zhi Yang,He Feng Tian,David Chou,Qiao Jun Da


The story takes place in Shanghai Beach during the Republic of China. The well-known writer Xu Youyi (played by Zhang Nan) and the photo studio owner Yan Wei (played by Sun Yihan) , two women whose lives should have no intersection, got acquainted because of Xu Youyi’s husband’s betrayal and a serial murder case. .
Xu Youyi, a well-known female writer in Shanghai, is beautiful and dignified and has a happy family. Little does she know that her husband has cheated on her manager, and her seemingly flashy family is crumbling in the torrent of the big era. On the other side, Yan Wei, a female killer disguised as the owner of a photo studio, is lonely, indifferent, and wandering around the city for the sky, looking for the only remaining temperature in the city. The two of them met, and then joined forces to eliminate the scumbag, eliminate the mistress, and save their lives. They are always suspicious of each other, but they always trust each other, and the only answer that fate gives them is to move forward and never back down [2] .
Diversity plotedit broadcast
Vol. 1
Plot pictures
The lobby of Jinhua Hotel was brightly lit and crowded. In the dressing room at this time, the assistant was busy helping Xu Youyi choose the earrings to wear for tonight’s event. When the two were hesitating, Zhang Wan’s appearance brought hope to Xu Youyi. , Xu Youyi hurriedly called Zhang Wan to come and help her come up with an idea. Zhang Wan pouted and chose the one in the assistant’s left hand, but Xu Youyi hesitated a little, but agreed with Zhang Wan’s choice. President Wang sat aside and read the letters from readers, and was pleased to sigh at the popularity of Xu Youyi’s new book. Xu Youyi happily took the gift box containing the dress from Zhang Wan, but she was stunned when she opened the gift box, and a red wine stain appeared in front of Xu Youyi’s eyes.

The guests in the performance hall were well-dressed, sitting elegantly around the round table, staggering and waiting for the opening of the magic show tonight. Xu Youyi came to the stage at the invitation of the host and cooperated with the magician to complete tonight’s performance. Xu Youyi was neatly dressed and danced to the melodious sound of the piano under the magician’s signal. The red wine stains on the dress were early. Has been covered by a flowing cloud, and the applause of the guests under the stage is thunderous. Everyone’s attention was attracted by the magic on the stage, immersed in tension. Never thought that at this thrilling time, the silence was broken by a loud roar from Sheriff Jiang Bin. Jiang Bin rushed to the stage with a few steps, his sharp eyes instantly gouging out Xu Youyi, without stopping, he opened the stage. The black cloth, Xu Youyi’s feet staggered, Jiang Bin stretched out his hand to support, the audience fled in panic in an instant, at this time the magician was pale and died in the glass jar.

Outside the police station, Zhang Wan supported Xu Youyi, who was frightened, and comforted her intimately. Zhou Heng took a serious attitude and asked Jiang Bin to find out what happened today, and took Xu Youyi, who was supported by Zhang Wan, into the car and left. Xu Youyi felt that it was too late, and after a few people got home, she asked Zhou Heng to send Zhang Wan home. Zhang Wan wanted to take a rickshaw to go home by herself, but she couldn’t hold back Xu Youyi, so she agreed. Xu Youyi was bored at home, so she took a letter from a fan and couldn’t help but be stunned when she saw the content inside. It said that the fan saw Zhou Heng having an affair with other women with his own eyes. Zhou Heng came back and looked at Xu Youyi who hadn’t slept, and was very surprised. Xu Youyi asked him how he came back, took Zhou Heng’s coat and smelled the slightly choked smoke on his body, but he didn’t feel it was wrong.

On this day, a group of people gathered in Zhou Mansion to make fun of each other. President Zhang complained that Miss Duan’s perfume smell was too strong, and the lady in the family always misunderstood him. And took out the cigar and told Zhou Heng how good the cigar was. Miss Duan and Miss Zhang next to her were talking tightly and asked President Zhang to smoke more, so that the lady would not be able to smell the perfume. Xu Youyi listened to their conversation and remembered That night, Zhou Heng had a strong smell of smoke on his body. Immediately afterwards, I saw the report of Chu Hui meeting men at midnight. Thinking that Zhou Heng and her were classmates, all kinds of thoughts suddenly burst out in my heart. Xu Youyi suspected that Zhou Heng had a woman outside. When she saw Zhang Wan at night, she told her the doubts in her heart. Zhang Wan promised Xu Youyi to help Xu Youyi check. Zhang Wan sent Xu Youyi away with her forefoot, and Zhou Heng walked out of Zhang Wan’s bedroom. The two were entangled with ambiguous words.

Xu Youyi, Zhou Heng and his wife and Zhang Wan went to Baihua Photo Studio together to take promotional photos for Xu Youyi’s new book. After Yan Wei finished taking photos for Xu Youyi, Zhang Wan proposed to let Xu Youyi and Zhou Heng take a group photo. Xu Youyi looked at Zhou Heng with a cold expression, and took the photo in harmony. The look of his face pampering his wife. After the two of them finishe


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