City of Stars (2022)

City of Stars (2022)

Drama: City of Stars
Native Title: เฟื่องนคร
Also Known As: Fueangnakorn
Genres: Drama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 0
Aired: 2022 – ?

Main cast:

Cha Ye Joo


‘Do you know an American app called Zendaya? It’s a social networking app that rules every post must contain positive content. with limitations from the app concept making it less popular Until when the number one villain in Thailand like ‘Fuang Nakhon’ applied for registration and posted the first message, send it to the power together.

Zendaya was attacked by the Thai population and became widespread immediately … service users in Thailand increased so rapidly that small offices Zendaya’s Silicon Valley has shaken ‘Navy’, a poor black-headed Thai employee of Zendaya Company. intends to return to Thailand to relax comfortably It became a must to sit back and curled up to take care of the app that suddenly became popular. Moreover, who would have thought that the cause of the vacation, not a vacation like Fueng Nakorn, would stand and ring the bell? in front of the house to ask for his mother’s food
Plus, both parents are more elegant than the real son!

Review by Publisher : Feung Nakorn

It seems that in an era where everyone can easily access social networks just by raising their mobile phone, it has played a part in changing our world a lot. There are more people who can take advantage of this borderless world. At the same time, there were people who picked it up as a weapon to attack others as well. The most obvious case is probably not a group of public figures in various circles. who are always attacked with a variety of opinions.

‘Fuang Nakorn’, our number one villain, has also been the victim of a frenzy and thoughtless commentary. He has affected me both in terms of work, personal life, and mentally.. just because he admits that he has no interest in the opposite sex at all.

Many times I can’t help but feel that today’s people’s convictions against others are so unfair. How unjustly can ‘Phi Fueng with the positive energy’ in the public’s eyes be so unjust? I want all of you readers to help find a way to restore positive energy back to our good people asap.


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