Chong Zi (2022)

Chong Zi (2022)

Drama: Chong Zi
Native Title: 重紫
Also Known As: Zhong Zi
Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong, Tang Qi Cen
Director: Roger Lau
Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Tencent Video

Main cast:

Yang Chao Yue
Jeremy Tsui
Zhang Zhi Xi
Deng Wei


The catastrophe of the Three Realms, the Demon Venerable annihilated against the wheel, and the Nine Nether Evil Spirits disintegrated and escaped into the human world.

Chongzi ( played by Yang Chaoyue ) is pure and kind, but she is a woman against the wheel. She was inspired to study in Nanhua because she was rescued by Yun Junzi Chu Fufu, but she was rejected because of her natural evil spirit. evil. At a critical moment, Chonghua Venerable Luo Yinfan ( played by Xu Zhengxi ) stepped forward to accept her as his apprentice, and Chongzi became Luo Yinfan’s only apprentice ever since. Chongzi relies on Luo Yinfan, and only wishes to accompany her in the morning and evening, and Luo Yinfan also promises to protect Chongzi comprehensively. However, unable to resist Jiuyou’s conspiracy, Luo Yinfan saw that Chongzi was imprisoned but could not do anything, and had to “finish” her for the sake of the world.
Above the cloud sky, Chongzi reappeared in Nanhua to apprentice, and Luo Yinfan recognized her at a glance. In order to protect her well, he sealed her evil spirit and kept her by his side, and the two continued the bond of master and apprentice. However, fate turned around, Chongzi still could not escape the control of people with a heart, became the target of public criticism, and fell into evil spirits in a fit of anger. It turned out that Chongzi was actually the daughter of the former nine secluded realm masters who turned against the wheel.
Fate played tricks, one was Venerable Chonghua, whose mission was to save the people of the world, and the other was the nine evil spirits who were born with evil spirits. They were helpless to love each other, helpless to kill each other. Destiny is never merciful, grievances never end, everything is just the beginning, whether this two-way relationship can shake the rules of heaven and earth.


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