Childe Xie's Wine (2022)

Childe Xie’s Wine (2022)

Drama: Childe Xie’s Wine
Native Title: 谢公子的酒
Also Known As: Xi Gong Zi De Jiu , 謝公子的酒
Genres: Fantasy
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Aired: Mar 3, 2022 – Mar 12, 2022
Aired On: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Duration: 10 min.


Liu En Shang
Zhang Hao Sen
Fan Zhi Xin


In recent years, costume dramas have become more and more popular with audiences. For example, last year’s hit “The Royal Gift of Little Treasures”, even if there are no big-name actors in the town, but with the rigorous plot and the acting skills of the actors, it is very popular. In many big productions, a bloody road has been successfully made.

“Xie Gongzi’s Wine” is a healing light comedy in ancient costumes and sweet pets. It tells the story of an ordinary girl, Meng Xiaofan, who became Meng Yufan, a charming country.

In order to fulfill her dream of falling in love, she began to actively pursue Xie Xun, the owner of the restaurant, and countless ironic stories happened in the process.

Different from ordinary sweet pet dramas in ancient costumes, this drama is presented in the form of short dramas, each episode is only 6-8 minutes, which is the time of a short video.

But this kind of short drama is not just emerging. The previous “The General Store that Sells Spells” and “Please!” Don’t spoil me” and so on are short dramas with only a few minutes per episode. Although the duration is short, the broadcast effect is still very good, not only with love, but also with laughter.


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