Chijo no Kiss (2021)

Chijo no Kiss (2021)

” Chijo no Seppun ” is a Japanese manga work by Hiro Kisaragi . It was serialized in ” Petit Comic ” ( Shogakukan ) from the January 2019 issue to the September 2021 issue . It was made into a TV drama in the summer of 2021 .

In the August 2021 issue of “Petit Comic”, a report manga of the shooting site of the TV drama of this work written by Kisaragi is published . After the final publication, “Extra edition depicting the future beyond the main story” was published in the October and November issues of the same year

Drama: Chijo no Kiss
Native Title: 痴情の接吻
Also Known As: The Kiss of Blind Love , Chijo no Seppun
Screenwriter: Hokimoto Shinya
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Jul 3, 2021 – Sep 4, 2021
Aired On: Saturday
Original Network: TV Asahi
Duration: 30 min.


Hashimoto Ryosuke,Nakamura Yurika,Inoue Yuki,Ohira Shuzo,Ikeda Tetsuhiro,Takashima Reiko


One day, Kazuka Kashiwagi , the main character who works as a librarian at the municipal library , meets a man who looks for a book called “Naomi no Ai” by Junichiro Tanizaki [single 1] . The man was his high school classmate Shinobu Kamijo [single 1] . After returning to the city for the first time in 10 years, Kamijo asks Waka to guide him to a real estate agent to find a new home . [1] Waka, who had a past when she was kissed by Kamijo when she dropped ” Slut’s Love” in high school and had a regretful face, accompanies a real estate agent while being frustrated by Kamijo. [Single 1 ] . Waka, who was looking for a room because his parents moved abroad [Note 1] , decided to live with Kamijo after suffering [Ja 1] . While cleaning up the move, Kamijo said, “It wasn’t a coincidence that I met him again,” and Waka was kissed again, but this time he didn’t look regretful [single 1] .

One week has passed since he started living together, and Waka is confessed to Kamijo [AA] . She also heard about her kissing in high school, and she solved a long-standing mystery, but Waka, who wants to immerse herself in her hobbies, refuses her dating [AA] . Kamijo declared to her Waka that she would like her, and she never gave up . Waka was fed and kissed by Kamijo, who was shortening her distance , but she did not refuse . Since then, Waka has been aware of her Kamijo and will be dating her Kamijo’s birthday [single 5] .

Waka reunites with his high school classmate, Takeshi Suzuki , and works with him [AA] . Although Take had a crush on Waka [single 7] , her relationship did not develop due to her Kamijo blocking [single 8] [single 9] .

Kamijou’s younger brother Kaoru comes from Germany to preview a Japanese university [single 10] . The real purpose was to determine his brother’s girlfriend, Waka, but he shortened the distance a little [single 10] .

Take stops playing with women for his “favorite child” [single 11] . Waka, who was invited to a concert by Mt. and confessed after watching it, couldn’t tell her about it [single 11] . At that time, Waka’s parents visit [only 12] . The two are shocked because she misunderstands Kamijo as a girl until she meets Kamijo, but she admits him [single 12] .

Kaoru visits with her classmate Anna during the fall vacation


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