Bunga Hati (2022)

Drama Bunga Hati is an adaptation of a novel by Liza Ali directed by Jamal Khan and Che Mie. Starring Intan Najuwa, Redza Rosli, Erwin Dawson, Fauziah Ahmad Daud and many more. Drama Bunga Hati will be broadcast through the MegaDrama – Astro Ria slot on January 10, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm.

Episode: 20
Release Date: January 10, 2022
Broadcast Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00 p.m.
Network: Astro Ria Megadrama slot
Scriptwriter: Liza Ali
Director: Jamal Khan, Che Mie
Production: Zeel Production Sdn Bhd

Main Cast:

Intan Najuwa as Dilaila
Redza Rosli as Amer
Erwin Dawson as Joshua
Fify Azmi as Jessila
Nafiez Zaidi as Luqman
Fauziah Ahmad Daud as Salimah
Lydiawati as Noraini
Zulkifli Ismail as Razak
Fazziq Muqris as Farizan
Halmey Hamdah as Datuk Sulaiman
Azlynan as Datin Zurina
Haifaa Nadirah as Rita
Hanan Hassan as Mak Som
Illey Mohtada as Fidah
Sherry Al-Jeffri as Maria
Sara Jasmine as Elina
Bazly Hanif as Gaban
Pessha as Idrus
Tengku Hamidah as Nek Tijah

Lagu Theme (OST)

Song: My Search Is Over
Artists: Hafiz Suip & Ernie Zakri
Komposer: Given A’Aida
Lyrics: Brotherhood Fatanna & Wan Saleh


Dilaila is a cheerful, persistent and optimistic girl even though her childhood was not as beautiful as others. Dilaila was born without the knowledge of her father, Sulaiman who had divorced her mother, Salinah when she was in the womb.

Dilaila was handed over by Nek Tijah to Salimah to take care of and be a substitute for Luqman, Salimah’s disabled child. Salimah hated Luqman so much that she was willing to torture him out of revenge for her ex -husband Talib.

Dilaila was not afraid to defend Luqman after Nek Tijah died and took care of Luqman lovingly. Dilaila’s romance with the new Amer, has met with strong opposition from Noraini who hates Salimah.

However, Razak likes Dilaila and wants Dilaila to be his son -in -law. Dilaila’s best friend, Jessila, silently loves Amer and is willing to do anything to have Amer. Noraini conspired with Jessila’s mother to block Dilaila’s relationship with Amer.

With Razak’s help, Dilaila sent Luqman to the OKU Care Center and there she met Doctor Joshua who had fallen in love with her. It was unfortunate for Dilaila when Luqman eventually died of illness but was actually accidentally killed by Gaban.

Noraini tried to kill Salimah and Dilaila by hiring people to burn their houses but failed. Salimah and Dilaila left the village for their safety. Noraini takes the opportunity to force Amer to marry Jessila. After three years, Salimah and Dilaila returned to the village and built a new life. They were able to build a new house with the help of Razak. Sulaiman secretly covered all the construction costs.

Dilaila reunites with her biological father, Sulaiman who is a millionaire businessman. Amer tries to regain Dilaila’s love. It turns out that Amer’s attitude is full of deceit and pretends to be crazy and has been revealed by Farizan, Amer’s good friend who has a trick to want Dilaila. Noraini and Razak beg Dilaila to accept Amer back in order to restore him.

Between love and pity, Dilaila had to make a choice of either Joshua or Amer as her life partner.

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