Buang Bai Bun (2022)

Buang Bai Bun (2022)

Drama: Buang Bai Bun
Native Title: บ่วงใบบุญ
Also Known As:
Genres: Romance, Drama, Family, Melodrama
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 10
Airs: Mar 2, 2022 – ?
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 8


Kett Tharntup
Anuchit Sapunpoh
Sirilak Pongchoke
Kamolchanok Komo


For the intense drama drama “Bow Bai Boon” on Channel 8 television. From the day of the workshop that received a young female protagonist “Joy-Sirilak Phongchok” returns to the entertainment industry again in 8 years with the role of a dumb girl. extreme life to awaken the spirit Prove his acting skills again Along with many other skilled actors such as Kwang-Kamonchanok, O-Anuchit, Pete Thongchua, Khet Thantap, Nok-Usanee, Big-Sarut Wichitanon, June-Chonluedee, Ohm-Thitiwat etc.

Recently, the camera has been closed after filming for over a full year due to the Covid situation. And the person behind the scenes to make this drama intense, drama to the heart, until each actor speaks in the same voice that they found the hardest, most rocky role in an actor’s life. Who can’t be anyone? That’s Teacher “Aon-tha-wadee sathityuthkan”, a famous TV playwright. Until Teacher Aon revealed his heart to social media. which means “Buang Baiboon drama” has officially closed.. has written a script for 100 stories, but has just written a script for Nong Joy Sirilak. with Nong Onuchit playing for the first time After following the work of the two brothers for a long time I dreamed that someday I would be able to write a script for the two of them to play once. And then come to be fulfilled in the story “Bow Bai Bun”, the two of them are in the same story.

O plays as the “raising” of the youngest son. “Ms. Dokrak” (Nong Kwang Kamolchanok) has a brain disorder since birth. At a good time, she will be a gentle, cute, charming man, but has some weaknesses that make him feel crazy in a blink of an eye. which no one can take It was like a ghost inside of him being released periodically. Oh told me this was the most exhausting since being an actor. Time to submit chapters to the pile I’m afraid that O will knock a lot. But Oh was able to finish the story. Nong Joy hasn’t received a drama for 8 years, rejecting many dramas to receive this story. Joy plays the role of “Bai Sri”, a poor dumb girl who marries Oh. Without knowing that “raising” has a dark side of life. Come to know when they get married When writing heavy drama scenes for Joy I felt very overwhelmed. because the whole story cannot be said in a word Joy had to make hand gestures and gestures instead of words. I’m really tired. The beautiful girl on the right is Nong June Chonruedi (the heroine of the story. “The Enchantment Formula” which is currently on air) June plays “Bai Boon”, is the child of Oh and Joy. Even though the flight hours are not many But June plays well with Oh and Joy, secretly stealing the picture from the set. Let’s see first. Early next year, it’s actually on air.”


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