Bu Kuai Jie Jie Hao Ke Ai (2021)

Bu Kuai Jie Jie Hao Ke Ai (2021)

“Catch Quick Sister Hao Kawai” is a costume detective drama produced by Hangzhou Wenmu Culture Development Co., Ltd. and Huanxing Cultural Creative (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., directed by Li Nan , screenplayed by Di Huijun, and starring Gu Zhiyun , Jiang Yiming , Liu Yuting, etc.

The play tells the story of the sincere and straightforward Tianqi country’s first female arrester Kuaihao Hao and Gao Zichen, the son of the prime minister who hides his identity

The play will be broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video on September 13, 2021

Drama: Bu Kuai Jie Jie Hao Ke Ai
Native Title: 捕快姐姐郝可爱
Also Known As: 捕快姐姐郝可愛 , 捕快姐姐好可爱
Director: Li Nan
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 12
Aired: Sep 13, 2021
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday
Duration: 25 min.


Gu Zhi Yun,Jiang Yi Ming


Sincere and straightforward Tianqi’s first female arrester, Hao Kawai ( played by Gu Zhiyun ) , and Gao Zichen ( played by Jiang Yiming ), the son of the prime minister who hides his identity , one is a valiant career woman with full marks in force, and the other is a simple and intelligent appearance.

In the process of jointly investigating the case, the two are looking for the truth and colliding with different sparks.

With the occurrence of the case, the reversal of the case, and the final truth surfaced, the human nature and entanglements hidden behind the tragedy are also dissected one by one


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