Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita (2021)

Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita (2021)

My murderous intention fell in love ” (I fell in love with Satsuki) was broadcast in the ” Sunday Drama ” frame of the Yomiuri TV production and Nippon TV series from July 4th to September 12th, 2021 . TV drama .

Starring Taishi Nakagawa , who will star in the prime-zone terrestrial serial drama for the first time

Drama: Boku no Satsui ga Koi wo Shita
Native Title: ボクの殺意が恋をした
Also Known As: Hitman in Love , My Murderous Intent Was In Love , I Fell in Love With My Murderous Intention , Boku no Satsui ga Koi o Shita , ボクのさついがこいをした
Screenwriter: Tokunaga Yuichi, Miura Kisa
Director: Hoshino Kazunari, Horai Tadaaki
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: Japan
Episodes: 10
Aired: Jul 4, 2021 – Sep 12, 2021
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: NTV, Tencent Video, YTV
Duration: 55 min.


Nakagawa Taishi,Araki Yuko,Fujiki Naohito,Suzuki Nobuyuki,Mizuno Miki,Tanaka Minami


A young man, Tora Hiiragi , who lost his parents at the age of five and was taken over by his father’s best friend and legendary hitman, Joichiro , was killed by someone. Therefore, he decided to take over the killer family business and become a killer in order to avenge his death.

Hiiragi approaches the preparations for killing Mizuki Narumiya, a popular cartoonist who was determined to be the true criminal of the murder of Joichiro by detective Shiori Watatani, who is also in charge of the hitman organization .

The evil was so bad that she couldn’t kill her, and on the contrary, she saved her predicament, which led to the two developing into a love affair.


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