Boku no Oshi wa Ojisama (2021)

Boku no Oshi wa Ojisama (2021)

Drama: Boku no Oshi wa Ojisama
Native Title: ぼくの推しは王子様
Also Known As: My Best Is Fair Prince
Genres: Romance
Country: Japan
Episodes: 11
Aired: Jul 15, 2021 – Sep 23, 2021
Original Network: Fuji TV
Duration: 9 min.


Seto Toshiki,Tokunaga Eri,Tani Kyosuke,Sano Hinako,Wada Masanari,Dean Fujioka


In episode 8, Dean plays Tomohisa Mitsui as in the main story. Mitsui comforts Arisugawa, who has failed in her work and is depressed, at her favorite bar. However, on his way home, Mitsui tweeted a “mysterious message” and returned as it was. Arisugawa is moody without understanding the meaning. At a later date, she tells the members of “Pegasus Inc.” about it and the decoding begins. What is the message left by Mitsui !?

Wada, who will appear in episode 9, will be played by scenario writer Hiroshi Usada. Usada is an excellent writer with fast work speed and accurate advice, but he has a personality that he can’t read the air and talks about things. Arisugawa is not good at Usada, and the meeting of the new project will heat up at Usada’s pace. At first glance, the two seem to be incompatible, but the “love app that finds the destined person” reacts !? Keep an eye on the whereabouts of


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