Blueming (2022)

Blueming (2022)

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Drama: Blueming
Native Title: 블루밍
Also Known As: 블루밍
Director: Hwang Da Seul
Genres: Romance, School, Youth
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Aired: 2022 – ?
Original Network: Daum Kakao TV
Duration: 10 min.

Main cast:

Hwang Da Seul


Among the lyrics about love, my favorite piece is ‘A Million Roses’ by Soo-Bong Shim.
To me, expressing the fruits of love practiced without hatred with a single rose feels more poetic and beautiful than any metaphor about love.

The time when I have the most roses in a short period of time is right after I fall in love.
Right before confessing my heart, when I express my feelings to the other person without adding or subtracting, using all the words in the world except for one decisive word. When the vibration of a mobile phone feels like an earthquake that shakes my daily life without mercy. When words taken out without filtering become love poems. Sentences of unfamiliar resolution come pouring out of me wondering if this really came out of my head. There is so much love in me that I feel confident that I can easily bloom a million roses during that time.
I am confident that I will be able to bloom a million roses this time, a rose that is as bright blue as mine in our chat window, a ‘miracle’ like the flower language of that rose, and a fruit close to that ‘impossible’.
Although I have never been successful yet.. /

It is an electro pop-rock song by Lee Jong-hoon, Lee Chae-gyu, and IU, who showed a lively sound and balanced teamwork in ‘Twenty-Three’. A unique synth source and dynamic band sound harmonized to create a unique result. In the music video, Naive Productions enhanced the project’s perfection with a trendy direction.


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